I want to briefly discuss my - what I like to call - honesty policy and share with you important information with regards to this site.

From time to time I may be given product/gift experiences or services to review on my blog. Please understand that this in no way affects my review or thoughts. No sample, brand or demands will coerce me to say anything other than what I feel and that is honest. All opinions are my own and all text and photography features are copyright of LankyLaurasWay blog.

Any product/sample that is PR will be disclosed at the bottom of every post. Always look for the little * and statement of the post. All sponsorship posts are produced by me but for the purpose of brand or company publicity.

Please note that I will always disclose in a post whether or not I have been sponsored. Again this does not affect how I will review the product or services provided.

I am always happy to review items that are sent and sponsored, but will not be swayed with money to say particular things in the review. I will always let you know what posts feature PR samples, or that I am being sponsored for, to keep my honesty policy as true as it can be.

If you would like to work with me or have a general question then please contact me at:



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