'LankyLaurasWay is the site to go to for beauty reviews, lifestyle chats and the featuring of style brands. It's a place to find inspiration, motivation and honesty from the girl who sits behind the laptop with passion and warmth, expressing her taste of the real world and bringing light- hearted and engaging entertainment to those who love beauty, learning and fashion and all from the rather small country of Northern Ireland.'

My name is Laura and I'm 5ft 7inches tall, which some debate even being tall, but for me is lanky enough to reach the top shelves of the supermarkets and topple over when wearing heels. My blog was founded back in 2013 but didn't officially start until 2015, when brands started reaching out and I found my blog getting a bit more attention than it previously had.

I love writing and photography and I knew blogging was going to be a huge part of my life from the first post I ever published. LankyLaurasWay is without a doubt first and foremost a beauty blog, because that's how it all started. It's what I specialise in and do best here on my blog. But since then, it's grown into a lifestyle advice and style site, which has collaborated with top beauty brands from around the globe and has been published across numerous websites here in the UK.

I hope you enjoy it and would subscribe so you never miss another post!

Laura x

If you want to know any more about LankyLaurasWay or need to get in contact about a project then please contact me here.


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