I never see the point in giving up a tanned complexion and just because it's cooler outside. Why not have a year round tan? Who said we can't? They must've been talking all kinds of crazy because the only thing I'll be giving up this Autumn is the beach but certainly not my glow. Sunkissed have made two beautiful new products to keep skin tanned and glowing throughout the year and I have to say I've been reaching for them continuously over the past few weeks as I think they are the perfect combination to keeping yourself confident and beautifully bronzed this season.

For those of us who just can't part with our tanned summer skin and want to keep maintaining it without getting that scaley build-up or looking ridiculously and so very obviously tanned, the pure beauty awards nominated once a week mousse tan in the medium shade can do just that. 

The medium is just perfect and gives a beautiful even coverage that really does smooth the appearance of skin and my pale Irish blue tones are literally Sunkissed with its gorgeous golden undertone. My application looked quite patchy but my results were total perfection and I loved waiting for it develop with its delicious Toffee like scent. 

This professional mousse range feels a little drier and stiffer than previous tans from Sunkissed but spreads evenly and lasted around four days on my skin before I felt I needed a bit of a top up on my chest and shoulders. However, my legs looked amazing right up until days six when I exfoliated and shaved before applying a fresh layer all over again on day seven. I am REALLY impressed with how natural this tan looked and how warm and glowing my skin appeared, I got quite a few compliments but really I felt confident wearing it and I didn't have to worry about fading patches or scaliness with it's hydrating formula. This product is a total winner for me and just cost £8.50 from the website or Superdrug.

To really amp up the glow I've been using, religiously might I add, the High Lights cream highlighter, which is a beautiful pinkish pearl shade that looks stunning on the skin and in natural day light. It's not too strong, or shimmery but enhancing enough and totally appropriate for the office so I don't look like a disco ball. My dry skin looks radiant and luminous and all those other gorgeous adjectives we use to describe pretty highlighters like this one. It's a paraben free formula that lasts all day long and will last in general a very long time as you get a full 20ml tube that isn't pumped with mostly air but actual product. It's very pretty and I love using this on my collarbones, cheekbones and even shins when I'm feeling dry and old looking ha ha! -  the youthful glow literally comes from these products and I think it's just fantastic for this time of year when you want to do things a little more subtly and keep a warmth to your skin. Especially if you're Irish like me, you tend to be more blue than white in winter time and having products like this just brings you back to life. The highlighter is absolute perfection and totally affordable at just £4!

Combining these two products together really does bring that irresistible warmth and just enough glow to the skin so it all looks real and natural in the cooler months, which I personally always prefer. They are of course buildable and the tan comes in a darker shade if you like something more intense and the highlighting cream can be layered and added in other areas to amp up your glow for nights out. 

All in all these luscious products from Sunkissed will keep me glowing throughout Autumn and feeling confident with their fabulous formulas. I love this new professional tanning range from the brand and their cosmetics range is constantly expanding and providing incredible products for us year round and I love supporting them. I honestly believe you'll love these products and if you're on the market for a new more natural tan to try then grab this medium mousse because it really does everything it says on the tin, or should I say bottle. 

Let me know if you pick anything up that you've read about in today's post and how you got on with it. Who says you can't be tanned and glowing in the cooler months? I couldn't possibly even consider parting with my new Sunkissed tan and highlighting cream as they are just so perfect and turn my skin from being Irish-blue to bronzed-Latina.... I just wish that were permanently. O well, one can dream, or in this case lather the bronze on. Don't forget to check out my Twitter @LankyLaurasWay as I'll have pictures of swatches of both products and their results over there, Have a wonderful day everyone!

Laura x


  1. I've just come back from the states, and for the first time ever, I have a semi-tan! I need to have a look at these because there is no way I'm letting my glow go.

    The Crown Wings

    1. Ah yes, we love to glow! So lucky you've got a natural tan! but it's ok we can all fake it til next summer haha xx


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