I love face masks and what they can do for my skin. I love them even more when they don't require a lengthy waiting period or difficult removal because I'm lazy and I like my skincare to do all the hard work for me instead of me having to make the effort. *Vichy hydrating mineral mask is the first that I've tried in quite a while that's aimed at drier dehydrated skin types like mine. Dry skin in the cooler seasons usually means tightness, sensitivity and that very charming caked on look when it comes to make-up no matter the application techniques and primers used. Having a mask like this to use when my skin gets into those months would be a total life-saver, but only if it really worked

Packed with nurturing ingredients such as Vitamin B3, green tea, Jasmine and Glycerin this mask provides the ultimate relief to dry and irritated skin. It doesn't contain any parabens and is suitable for sensitive skin types with its gentle formulation that sounds so soothing and like a dream to apply.

It is recommended you apply it to your skin for just 5 minutes with a thin layer all over and I'm telling you that now because that information is quite crucial to using this mask and getting the best out of it. You can leave it on as an alternative so you get higher hydration levels and allow the mask much more time to work on your driest areas. The strange thing about it is that it looks like hair gel but is actually really tacky, even after absorption and the morning after I could still feel it on my skin. It has a wonderful cooling sensation which you feel immediately after application and is quite strange to experience but feels so good after yoga or a busy day at work. It's got such a refreshing scent that's light and calming and I was soothed to sleep by it, ready to wake up radiant and looking much more healthier the following morning, well, hopefully!

8.5 Hours later, the sun rose and I woke up with plumper skin that had such a healthy radiance to it and there was no irritation or redness going on. However, I did notice quite a few white heads around my nose and chin but since they are my driest areas I applied a thicker layer to compensate for what I thought wouldn't be enough, how wrong was I? It was just the perfect amount and I should have read the instructions better instead of letting my excitement get the better of me because it could have prevented a morning melt-down with itchy little white heads that lasted longer than a week and I had to constantly drown in Witch Hazel and Sudocrem.

Realising the mistake I had made and the underestimation I gave this mask based of how it looked I waited a week for the breakout to calm down and then I went again, this time rinsing it off after 5 minutes instead of leaving it on overnight and applying a much thinner layer and the results were far, far better. I learnt through some experimentation that this product is an EXCELLENT make-up primer for those with dry skin. Using it for just 5 minutes first thing in the morning after cleansing and rinsing it off before application made my make-up so much more natural looking and it went on so effortlessly.

I've been using it a few mornings per week like it's an important medication I have to take before I can get on with my day, but more realistically speaking, before I head out the door to help with my dry and rather irritated skin and I can honestly say that this mask has made a huge difference and I don't look so dull or flaky but my skin has a glow to it and it feels plump and much softer again. My fine lines look smoother and the dry chronic flaking around my nose is looking more normal, the skin much healthier again and the redness is finally settling down.

I was really surprised by the potency of this formulation because looking at it I thought it couldn't do much for me. I'll have to admit that I was extremely wrong on this one and although I have found that I definitely can't sleep with it on overnight, just including in my morning skincare routine a few days a week makes all the difference that I need. I really love using it before my make-up application because my skin is softer and smoother in texture, which if you have dry skin you know can be a bit of a bitch to keep on top off.

The last thing I want to chat about it is the surprising cost because I had valued this around £30 because I didn't search it online or read other reviews before I personally put it to the test. However, it cost much less than that at just £14! Considering you get an incredibly hydrating formula that comes in a beautiful 100ml glass jar that will last me throughout the winter that's absolutely amazing because I know I will want to pay the money for it because it's much more affordable to repurchase when compared to other brands who have taken a stab at creating the perfect hydrating mask for dry and dull complexions. It's definitely a more affordable mask on the market and I really believe it's worth its price.

If you have dry skin you should absolutely get a sample to try, or just take a leap of faith with my review and buy it because it really is a fantastic face mask that just keeps on giving with every use. I'd absolutely love to hear about your favourite face masks and what brands you prefer in the comments below. Of course if you have any other special product recommendations for dry skin during the Autumn/Winter months I'd love to hear about them too. I really hope this post helps my fellow dry skin sufferers because it seems we're forgotten about in the beauty industry a lot of the time but Vichy has really pulled it out of the bag with this one and improved my skin texture and I'm so glad I got the chance to try it and review it here on my blog. Have a wonderful day everyone!

*PR Sample

Laura x


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