Apart from the fact that I love buying new things, (don't we all) I really needed to top up some much needed beauty and make-up products to keep me going for another few months, with that in mind I thought I'd show you those things which I've recently added to my stash and tell you what I think of them so far. I definitely found some little gems this time and I know we all love a good haul and review, so here I am sharing them with you today.

I've had a serious decluttering this past year and yes, I got rid of all of my eye shadow palettes, one person doesn't need that much make-up and keeping things just for the sake of having them is the worst thing you can do. So I decided to downgrade and just buy 1 or 2 with my favourite everyday shades that I know I'll actually use. This naturally yours palette is just gorgeous and the pigmentation of the shadows is right up there with Urban Decay. The only negative I've found so far is that they don't really swatch how they look and the tones aren't as warm as I thought they would be. It's still something I've been using all the time but I'm feeling one more palette to kill the craving of warmer tones instead of cool bronzes. For £18 it's really not that bad and it looks pretty darn good on the dressing table and of course my blue eyes!

CoCoA bRoWn kInD ShAmpOo & CoNdItiOnEr £2.65 Each PR Sample

It goes without saying that I'm a huge fan of Cocoa Brown with the amount of times I've blogged their products and talked about them in general, but I was extremely excited to test the brand new hair care range and see what they could do for me. Firstly, they smell incredible and secondly they lather well enough to get a gentle cleanse and provide lightweight nourishment to keep the volume in without stripping the hair and causing damage and I really, REALLY like them. They are made for both natural hair and extensions, are PH neutral and don't contain any parabens, Alcohol, or formaldehyde but provide hydration with my much loved ingredient, coconut oil. I was extremely surprised by just how affordable these were and how healthy, soft and shiny my hair was after use and also that I keep on reaching for them over my other shampoo and conditioner products. The only downside I've found is that you do need a lot of shampoo per wash to get the lather you need for a good cleanse but I'm still preferring it to other natural hair care ranges I've tried in the past. I think a lot of people will love these products and especially loyal cocoa brown fans like myself, they are uber affordable and leave my hair smelling lush! What's not to like?

ZoEvA wInG LiNeR BrUsh 317 £8 & ZoEvA LuXe GrAnD sHaDeR bRuSh 220 £10

I desperately wanted these make-up brushes as I actually didn't have a winged liner brush and having a large flat shader brush meant less time applying eye shadows, so I did need them/had to have them, even if it meant I just spent £18 on just two make-up brushes. The quality as always with Zoeva brushes are perfection, they last well, clean well and apply everything incredibly smooth and even. My old Zoeva brushes are still like new and having two new ones feels so good. I would honestly have bought so many more but I don't need them and it wouldn't have been sensible to waste money. However, I do need a new crease brush as the one I've had isn't great so maybe...just maybe I'll snap one up.

L.a. GiRl pRo CoNcEaL hD cOnCeAlEr £5 EaCh

I'm probably the last person to get round to testing these concealers but I have to say the three shades I have are amazing. They are all so pigemented and sit really well on my dry skin, giving excellent coverage. I have the shades Porcelain to conceal, Orange to correct and beautiful bronze to contour or bronze my face up when I need a bit of warmth and colour to my skin. I am so impressed by the quality of these products and much prefer them to tons of other drugstore concealers I highly recommend them. I got mine from Ebay before I realised you could get them from Beauty Bay but they were still just £5 each which is ridiculously affordable and that means I can keep repurchasing without feeling guilty for the price.

The most interesting face mask I think I've ever come across with it's sticky gel texture and wonderfully refreshing scent, it's perfect for the drier, cooler season ahead of us. The best part about it really is the length of time you have to leave it on...just 5 minutes! the most wonderful length of time for someone who doesn't really enjoy waiting around for beauty products to get to work. It feels extremely nourishing but really tacky and I can't wait to really get using it so I can give it a full review here on my blog, so keep a look out as an update is coming shortly!

ReAl TeChNiQuEs BlEnDiNg SpOnGe £5.99

Over the past year I have stuck with Barely Cosmetics make-up sponges as they are my absolute favourite beauty blender brand but I desperately needed to replace mine and this time round I decided to get a Real techniques sponge and I am SO glad that I did. So many people put me off buying one for a long time but I really love it so far as it applies my makeup so flawlessly onto my dry skin. It's so affordable I can stock up and replace more often and now I've got my hands on this one (at long last) I really want to get the mini's as well which look so cute and are a total affordable dupe for the mini beauty blenders we're currently seeing all over the internet and within the make-up industry. I'm really impressed by the quality of this sponge though and especially for the price. I really do recommend it!

I love changing up my products and adding new bits n bobs here and there every now and again and I've definitely enjoyed having these new beauty products around. Let me know if there's anything new you've picked up that's just been an absolute must-have product for you. It's great when you find things that just work and are relatively affordable to upkeep the repurchasing. I'm off to play with my new shadow palette and brushes this morning to see what looks I can come up with. Have a fabulous day everyone!

Laura x


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