I did it again, I went and bought another fake tan and honestly half of me knew I didn't need it but the other half was just thinking "I could blog about this" and what I thought wasn't going to be all that great, actually turned out to be my very favourite tan that I'll have ever tried and reviewed here on my blog. You know I talk tan a lot and I'll never stop, but this tan has blown my mind and I REALLY wanted to talk about it literally after my first session but I've waited patiently a few months and now I can honestly say, this is my favourite tan I've ever owned, you need it, I need it and here's why.

Dry skin without a doubt is a constant battle, some weeks you have lots of texture and others your much smoother. Tan loves to cling and fade scaley on drier areas on the body and so I personally could only ever tan once every few weeks and wait for it to completely fade before adding a new layer. Of course fading my tan meant exfoliating gloves, lots of dry body brushing and a tan remover mitt with lots of shaving sessions and oils and creams to smooth and soothe any irritation. Thankfully my body skin isn't sensitive and can keep up with all of the pampering and cleansing I do. But its always robbed me of the enjoyment of using my self-tans, I couldn't make it look natural because I had to work so hard to keep it looking that way as it faded. 

My ethic is that if you tan make it look as natural as possible, but if you saw me in a bikini there were patches of tan that just didn't even look remotely real and it look nowhere near as natural as I wanted in particular with mousses and lotions. I've never had as much trouble with gradual tans and that's why I prefer them for most of the year but my mousse tans and liquids just never sat right on me before, no matter the formula, if it's anything other than my Palmer's Cocoa butter, NKD SKN or Dove gradual tans, it will go patchy after a few days and it'll look ridiculously obvious.

Since first trying MakeBelieve dark spray mist tan, it has allowed me to tan twice a week because of how quickly and naturally it fades. It's such a fine mist that I can apply double the layers of each time and build a natural brown colour and I was SO delighted to have discovered it and completely thrilled with my beautiful results. 
I picked it up in a local pharmacy for just £5.99 but the company are actually having a re-branding and so all the products on their website are just £5 instead. I'm seriously going to stock up because I don't know if there going to change the formula or not and I truly love this tan.

It has a very strong tropical fragrance and that's the only downside for me as my asthma can get a little irritated by it but an open window and holding my breath when I spritz it on makes a big difference. It's such a fine mist that's hydrating and gives a gorgeous instant colour to guide me through my application that I wear overnight in bed and rinse off in the morning. Like I said the results are so realistic and healthy looking. I can build it to make it darker but one application is enough for me and the fading is in fact more natural too. I get only the tiniest build up on the top of my stomach area which no-one sees but it actually comes of so easily with a gentle scrub with my exfoliating gloves in the shower. It's so LOW MAINTENANCE I should sue those others that have made more work for me by tanning than it ever should have been (Jokes lol) 

Don't get me wrong I love other fake tans like Cocoa Brown and my pride and joy is Madame LA LA (bout to open my new and 3rd bottle of it) but none of the others I've ever tried look like this and behave like this on my skin type and I'm so happy I can enjoy tanning properly without all the effort I  used to have to put in and just to not look grey and ill. I'm a Northern Irish gal and although I tan naturally so easily and go really brown, the weather doesn't permit that and apparently not during the summer either so having this to hand is just brilliant.

My point is, if you love tanning, have dry skin and have trouble with tans, you have to get this and try it. I am so happy I own it and I just wish I'd tried it years ago. If you crave a truly natural colour of tan, please don't be scared of by the 'dark' colour title this tan has because you really have to build more than one layer unto your skin to make it that dark, this is just gorgeous and so perfect and so low-maintenance I LOVE this self tanner and you need it.

So there, I've gone and said it, this tan is better than every other tan I own and it beats all the others out of the fake tan stash for me and is my new obsession. I get so many compliments and questions about it and if I could I would literally buy one for all my blogger chums and readers to try because it's just. that. good. But I'm skint and I secretly don't want people to buy them all up on me, I mean what will I do? haha!

Now I know I haven't photographed my results but that's because I'll be popping them up on my Instagram feed soon. I find it so difficult to get the true colour results for tanning photo's and that's why there's none here but you should see some across my social media so watch out for them! 

I hope you liked this crazy little review of my new self-tanner, at least you'll know what tan I'm wearing for the next 200 years now and why I do wear it so much. It's like airbrush in a mist, helping smooth and hide my broken capillaries, scars and stretch marks and it really adds to my body confidence and I don't think you can beat that.

Laura x


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