Nobody will ever really understand the struggles of acne and what it comes with, unless they've personally experienced it themselves. I've had acne since I was in my mid-teens and boy did I struggle with it, spending so much money on products with empty promises and getting a fringe cut in that would help conceal it (which in actual fact made things worse) I spent so much time sourcing make-up that would cover my spots but without much success. It's been a bit of a drama throughout the years to say the least and up until now, I'd never known a product to exist that was a mixture of make-up and skincare, an anti-pigmentation treatment and a spot remedy to come in all one handy little squeeze tube. I'm no stranger to La Roche posay and I really believe in their products, especially the original Effaclar duo cream but just for today even I am being introduced to something totally new and quite exciting- that is their brand new tinted acne moisturiser 'Effaclar duo (+) Unifiant'.

La Roche Posay have launched their brand new Effaclar duo (+) unifiant for those who love to wear make-up to conceal their acne but have added in the anti-inflammatory skincare necessary to keep skin healthy and clear without the usual pore clogging ingredients we can find in our beloved make-up products. It's got ingredients such as Salicylic acid, Niacinamide, and procerad which help unblock our pores, reduce the inflammation and treat the marks left behind but with sheer coverage to help keep our skin looking natural and healthy, as most acne sufferers love anything that helps to conceal those red and painful spots without any irritation or more breakouts, which happened to me so much I ended up breaking down one day in the toilet at work. I felt so frustrated that I'd tried to make things better but my make-up made it all the worse. Well this new product is supposed to take care of all that and I believe without drying out my already very dry skin.

This product is perfect for use as a primer for our heavier duty concealers as we all know that sheer just doesn't cut it when we're having a breakout. For days at the beach, weekend's when we don't want to wear much make-up and trips to the gym when we just can't leave the house without something on, I really believe it serves so many uses for acne sufferers like myself. It's an incredibly lightweight formula that doesn't feel sticky or drying (amazing) and has a lovely subtle scent which I love. It comes in a handy squeeze tube which makes it travel friendly and easy to carry around in our handbags for top-up's during the day or quick applications on the bus or train on the way to work in the mornings. It provides a gradual soothing relief to the sorest of spots whilst just tinting my skin to even things out a little bit more and really works throughout the day. I can feel a difference after just a few days, much like the original formula. 

The only negative I personally felt for me was the shade range as I am pretty tanned and the medium colour was quite orange so I didn't use it as much as I would've liked too, especially on its own. I think if I got a lighter shade I could comment more on the finish without the addition of other make-up on top of it but it really does work when it comes to spot treating. I just really need a lighter colour and thankfully they have fair-light shade which I am going to get my hands on to see how it compares and I'll let you know what I think of the shading then. 

I have always loved the original Effaclar duo formula but now it has a tint I think others will love it too or perhaps even more if they are also fans. If not for its coverage, then as a primer and as a general treatment of spots that can be worn out of the house during the day-time without looking bizarre with a sudocrem face mask or tinted spot gel that can look like snot - not so attractive options for the daytime, I think you will agree. Using this as a primer really works as a smoothing base and gets to work without any other effort required. A quick squeeze of the tube, a blend with the fingers and we're literally done! 

Other benefits of this new product include its oil balancing properties, confidence boost and the fact that men can use it as well. I personally love the idea that there's something about this product that can benefit all acne sufferers and not one specific type. Whether it's spots, scarring, redness or gender specific the Unifiant is here for everyone to try and if you'd like to get your hands on a sample just pop on over to the website here and fill in your details.

Let me know what you think of this new innovative product if you try it and if it's something you would feel comfortable wearing on its own or if you'd prefer adding on your own heavy duty make-up on top of. I'd love to know what men think of this idea and if they'd feel comfortable and more confident with a little something extra to help with their acne whilst giving them the tiniest hint of coverage. I really hope you enjoyed today's post and found it useful. As always feel free to ask me any questions you might have and I'll be only too happy to help. Have a fabulous spot-free week everyone! 

Two shades are currently Available Fair/Light & Light/Medium £16.50 each

*PR Sample

Laura x


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