Nothing makes me feel more polished than a good set of manicured nails and a pair of false lashes for drama. Though, truth be told I'm terrible applying lashes, forever sticking them to my lids or not aligning them up properly and having bat wings instead. But what I lack for in the lash department I make up for with my nails and I just love being able to change up my look without spending a lot of money each time. I like affordable, short-term measures rather than permanent and expensive and KISS have provided me with the most gorgeous set of French rounded nails and fluttery lashes for today's post and I can't wait to share with you how I got on with all of them.

Starting with these fabulous nails from their Salon Acrylic range in medium I have to say I was really impressed with not only my results but also the packaging (sounds strange, I know but bear with!) which comes with a little emery board that's in the shape of a lollipop that allows you to file the cuticle area. It also has a little stand in which you can place the glue, replacing all your fears about gluing fingers together or spilling it all over the desk. The nails have thinner cuticle areas allowing you to get really close to your natural ones, whilst giving a thicker and harder end to prevent snapping and chipping of your gorgeous French mani. Though they only lasted four days on me before popping off, I would totally wear these for a special occasion, like birthday parties, weddings and even photo-shoots. They looked so real and so pretty and I got plenty of compliments, but my constant hand washing and busy days reduced the length of wear time dramatically and I honestly don't think that's too much of a problem when they are supposed to be a short-term quick-fix thing rather than a long-term product. And, wait for it, they only cost £7.95 and are available with Boots online and in store. For close up snaps of what they actually looked like on, check out my Instagram and Twitter accounts!

Although lashes are not my forte, I found the Featherlight the easiest to apply, when compared to the Blooming range, with its thinner band. I loved my 'Shy' lashes for everyday wear as they just looked so natural and looked only as if I had a few extra lashes on, nothing too dramatic which I personally like. However 'peony' had a thicker band and were quite difficult to work with the lash constantly popping off. Both packs of lashes come with their own glue, which was actually quite good but one of the little bottles had burst and so I stuck with using my own duo lash glue instead. I loved wearing these for different makeup looks that I want to play around with and on days when I couldn't be bothered doing anything fancy, these lashes stole the show with their delicate or dramatic finishes, depending on what I was going for. Each box of lashes cost just £5.99 and again are available from Boots. I will definitely be trying more of the featherlight range as I got on with them the best and they suited my eye shape too. I really want to see what other styles are available from the range because they are such fantastic quality. If you want to see what either of these looked like on then follow me on Instagram and have a little scroll to see them in action.

This was not my first time testing out the KISS range of products as I used to swear by their nails years ago for my job interviews as they were just so reliable and nothing has really changed since then, except perhaps for the extensive range of the product itself. I have fallen in love with the acrylic nail line and was so impressed by how natural they looked. It really looked as if I had been to a professional to have my nails done, yet I sat at home last weekend and applied them myself. AMAZING!

Everything is so affordable and easily accessible with KISS being available in Boots and Superdrug. I highly recommend the nails for beginners and those that need a quick fix for an important event ahead of them. The Blooming 'peony' lashes are impressive for nights out and those who love a bit of drama with their looks. The Featherlight 'shy' lashes were without a doubt my favourite of the two and I will be wearing them over and over until I need to replace them. What a fabulous range of products and for such little a cost, I highly recommend them.

*KISS Featherlight Shy Lashes £5.99 Available here
*KISS Blooming 'Peony' lashes £5.99 Available here
*KISS Salon Acrylic Nude 'Medium' nails £7.95 Available here

*PR Samples

Laura x 


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