I honestly wouldn't know how to dress myself each morning without a good fitting pair of jeans. My style completely revolves around the easiness and flexibility of denim and my wardrobe just wouldn't be complete without a pair of skinny jeans. The trouble for me is the fitting, I am without doubt pear shaped and I love it but that means curvy hips and bum with a narrow waist, and a difficult time finding the right fit for my shape. Over the past few months I have discovered such an affordable range of denim carried out by H&M and I honestly have never felt so snug, yet comfortable in pair of skinny jeans, like I do when I'm wearing these. They cost under a tenner each and come in various colours and waist heights and I think you'll find them surprisingly good quality for the price.

For me my wardrobe isn't complete without a pair of black, white, light-wash and dark-wash jeans, otherwise put as my basics. I need all of them and they take me through each and every season of the year comfortably and allow me to tailor my look to the way I feel most confident. H&M provided me with exactly just that and at a total cost of just £31.96, tell me where else you would get such a bargain like this in the high street? People always ask me where I shop most and you now know where and why I do.

So let's talk about the fit because H&M denim ranges don't just come in the basic sizes 8, 10, 12 etc. etc. in this particular range we can measure by inches. I much prefer this kind of sizing anyway and always have. I mean you do it for your bra, so why not your jeans? It just makes so much more sense to do jeans this way and that means you get a better fit.

This particular range I'm talking about is known as the Skinny high ankle jeans and they come at a cost of just £7.99 each. I have all the colours from the range and fit me as mid to high waisted, which I find so flattering. The front pockets are totally fake but we have two at the bum which are completely accessible. As for the high ankle, I don't find them to sit any higher on me than my regular pairs from other places. In fact, they sit the same and I am 5ft7 tall, but I don't have a fully exposed ankle unless I fold them up as I do for certain looks I want to create.

Now the one thing I have noticed is that my black and light-wash come with a very comfortable stretch, whereas the dark denim and white are much stiffer. However, all fit me as just as well. I have the usual small gap at the back, but I've never ever achieved finding a pair of jeans that don't do that but it's a minor thing that is regularly adjusted for my style with a skinny belt, so it's not a big problem for me.

The funny thing is that this range suits me perfectly but the super skinny range from the same shop in the same 26 inch waist sizing won't go over my legs, it's hilarious but very strange. I guess it all depends on the design of the jean but I haven't found such an incredibly affordable range of denim like this to ever fit me as well as they do. I've tried New look, Zara, Topshop and Primark but no matter the style or cut they never fit my body shape well and some just don't last the washes I do either. The skinny high ankle range definitely suit me and are so durable, lasting me lots of washes without looking faded or rough around the edges and that's why I am so impressed.

These jeans are all I've been wearing lately and the black are the latest edition to my wardrobe and I'm so in love with just how black they are. I hate it when you buy black but it comes faded or more of a charcoal grey colour.

So, now you know where to find fabulous jeans with a budget friendly price-tag from the high street. You can be sure to find them all over my Instagram and blog in future pictures to come. Let me know what you're favourite range of denim is and your favourite place to shop them! Have a stylish day lovelies!


Laura x


  1. I can't believe how affordable these are, they look lovely! Love the shades you chose and so envious that you are a pear shape haha! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. I love these jeans so much, they are soooo good! haha Wow, Your blog is so pretty, I've given you a little follow on Bloglovin. Have a lovely week! xx


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