Did you know that there isn't a single person on this planet who has the exact same genetic make-up as you. Your eye, skin and hair colour are all so individual to the person you are and there will never be anyone like you, ever again. It's all in the fingerprinting too and you my friend are a uniquely made creation and yet still categorised and put into little boxes to fit into. But some of us just don't fit into any of the options the world gives us and so every now and again we ask ourselves "Where on earth do I actually fit in?"

From the moment we are born things have already been decided for us, our growth, education, knowledge and sometimes, whole future are dictated to us by people in this world who think they know and understand us. But every now and then an exemption or shall we say, miracle pops up out of nowhere and knocks everyone's socks off, doing the complete opposite of what they should do and become their own "box" that should be fit into. Those are the people who refuse to be made to feel like an outsider, someone too different and who utilise their power to make huge differences in the world. 

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Race, gender, religious beliefs and disabilities are just some of the wonderous entities of this world who all have stories about doing the opposite to what's expected. Each harnessing their own power and individualism, paved a way for others to live a better life, without the oppressive and negativity of opinions crossing their paths and becoming what they were told they should be. Do you think History would've gone the way it did without someone taking a stand and doing something different?

You just have to look down through it to see what powerful, incredible humans we are and what can be achieved. You want girl power and empowerment? Women fought in world war II, they flew spitfires and alongside our men fighting with them. What about Joan of Arc, Catherine the great, Tzu-hsi the Chinese Empress? Or how about the English she-wolve Queens - Elizabeth, Victoria, Matilda and Eleanor, or Queen Isabella of spain? Just read about their lives. Other incredible things we have because of individual people are the Paralympic games, the declaration of human and women's rights. How about Alexander the great? Thomas Jefferson, Genghis Khan, Martin Luther King Jr, the great kings who fought for their own beliefs, controversial for many but ultimately stand-out characters who did the opposite of what was expected. They made a huge impact on society, our lives even now would not be the same without them and their decisions. Be sure that there were many people who weren't even given a mention but who also made a difference in this world and changed the course of history, these are just a few off the top of my head. When you think on these things you soon realise that there is a place for you in this world and you're not meant to "fit in" you should feel so inspired and motivated to live your life the way you want and need too.

"You have your way, I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exists" - Friedrich Nietzsche
Of course there will be those who will hate you, use you and exploit your strengths and turn people against you because of it. Just look through the internet and read the comments of people's websites, and social media and it's literally overrun with people doing things differently and who are hated for it. You just have to decide if it's worth the effort. People don't like change, those who go against the rules are thought to be outrageous, sometimes even dangerous and it's always been like that but as I said earlier, History wouldn't be what it was without those people taking the risks they did and made the changes they thought were so much better than what others believed in.

So, you don't want to go to Uni, or live in a cold climate, you want to travel, never wear make-up and join a computer club, there's nothing wrong with that. Perhaps you yourself are working on something to make an impact on our future generations but it requires you to do stuff different to the norm? Let me encourage you to understand your unique gift - BEING YOURSELF, you have a place in this world, you might not fit in and your purpose might not be what you think it will be at first but someday you might just see that your potential could be so much more magical - enjoy it, embrace it and just be yourself. 

I've grown up so much in these last few years in many ways and it's taken me so long to realise I'm not someone who can fit into the boxes designed for me. I am so unique and different and that left me with no other decision than to begin accepting myself, of course that's all so easy to say, but in reality to do, when after years of manipulation and lies from this world that told me I had to be one way or the other, is a very difficult thing. However, as time goes on I'm learning and liking more of the person I am. YES, I have many flaws, I have so much growing to do and so much more soul searching to complete. I have work to do to change into the kind of person I know I'm capable of being and that person doesn't want to fit into anything this world has to offer because the world has nothing to offer me other than material things.

"Why fit in, when you were born to stand out?" - Dr Seuss
You don't have to fit in if you don't want to. You might have brown eyes and hair but nobody else has the same pigment of colour as you do. You might have a disability but you can still compete in sports. You might be just one man or woman but you have the power to do great things for others. There's a time and place for you to make your mark, who knows how long it will be before that time comes?You are here for a purpose and a special moment in time could change the course of someones life and for the better. Will you tick the boxes the world has to offer, or will you go your on way in time and find out where it is you should be standing?

I hope this post inspires, motivates and gives you a sense of purpose to help you live a happier life. Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. LOVE this, just what I needed to read on a Monday morning. Here's to being yourself! Have a lovely week :) Immy x


    1. Thank you so much! I'm so glad I could help x


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