Formerly known as the 'A few of my favourite things' I've decided to change the title of these round-up posts of things I've been genuinely using and was fond off for a period of time, due to the idea not being very original. I can sometimes find my posts quite boring and not as authentic as I'd like them to be with the restrictions I place and fears I have over them and I am planning a bit of a clear out of posts in general that I don't feel add any value to my blog or its readers. However, I love sharing and I like to think of these particular posts as a bit of diary entry or a note to myself so I remember things that I liked or disliked in years to come. Like a selection of little collective beauty and style files for myself, not another boring post that rambles on about certain products just for the sake of posting something on my site. From books to shoes, make-up and hair products, here's yet another low-down of my best-loved and most used items from the previous weeks.


This is the most luxurious and hydrating moisturiser I think I've ever tried from the highstreet. It definitely has that real indulgent and pampering feeling that you would get from something like Laura Mercier's body butter. I know it's perhaps a little more than what you would typically spend on something like a body cream from the drugstore, but I promise a quality product that really hydrates, smooths and smells wonderful. The squeeze tube packaging is a total bonus too, allowing you to get every last drop.


I've finally found a mascara that holds a fairly decent curl, isn't waterproof and is definitely affordable. Over the past few weeks I've been testing so many mascaras to see if I could find just one perfect enough for my stick straight lashes, and I think I finally did. Although, it is a bit of a bugger to remove, even with coconut oil.


If you love learning about fashion designers, the fashion world in general and learning lots of beauty tips, then you will adore this novel. Written by Irish travel and fashion expert Gisele Scanlon, it's a total beauty and style bible for women and it's definitely a keepsake. I fell in love with the whole design of the book, the graphics, tips and interesting stories kept me thoroughly entertained throughout the first half, and I say first half because I haven't finished it yet, but I know it's not really going to be a one-time read book, but a manual for life.


This little pot of wonder really is something else and I haven't stopped using it. I find it's beautiful fragrance so alluring and the quality superior to anything else. It's very hydrating, gentle, but effective and leaves me with supersoft skin that I can't stop touching. It's totally lush.

HATS £5-15

I've never really been a hat person, but lately I've been feeling quite grown up and modest with one and my outfits don't really feel complete without something pretty on my head. It's such a lady like thing to do and although I'm far from being a true lady, I love being a woman and showing off with an accessory and a hat feels right. It really flatters your face and of course adds a touch of class to any outfit. I've only bought two but I can tell you now, there will be more. I'm feeling a beret next and a burgundy bowler or floppy hat. I've got a floppy black suede and a straw fedora but I intend to experiment more with lots of different cuts and colours in future.


Struggling with sensitive and dry skin? Me too. But don't worry Sukin have got you covered because although made with completely natural ingredients, the range is designed around us sensitive and reactive skin types. This night cream has helped plump, firm and add the glow back into my skin overnight and without any adverse reactions. It adds the perfect amount of hydration to the skin, without overburdening it and causing whiteheads or spots, which usually happens with heavier facial creams. Its subtle fragrance won't leave you choking either.


The confidence in my smile has been regained with a few uses a week of the amazing Polished teeth whitening powder. Consisting mostly of baking soda, it's grit literally polishes off all those nasty tea and coffee stains and as someone who drinks a lot of herbal and earl grey cups of tea everyday, I adore it. It leaves your breath minty fresh and your smile a whole lot whiter. It's fantastic for people who don't have time for the strips but want a noticeable difference. Read the full review here.


My fashion icon has and probably always will be the late and very beautiful Audrey Hepburn. Of course being a fan of her movies and style I had a bit of an odd moment when I faced the sunglasses section in a Primark stand a few weeks ago. It was odd because the moment I put on these thick, white rimmed, cat-eyed shades I felt like I'd been transported back to the 50's into 'How to steal a million' you know those infamous glasses she wore, right? The sunglasses suited my personality and taste, though the quality lacked, but I find myself reaching for them quite a lot and I love the fun side they bring to my outfits. I might be dressed more seriously but these just add the perfect little twist to each outfit. The day I have the money to invest in a decent pair, I most certainly will, but for now Primark will do the job nicely!


Although I much prefer a matte formula, I can't deny my passion for this cool toned nude lipstick. It goes with my everyday make-up look and add a touch of sexiness when paired with a smokey smudged look. It's such an affordable find and gives decent payoff. It's definitely a shade to try if you love your nude lippies like me, it's one to add to the collection.


I've worn it everyday non-stop and the compliments keep coming, though I don't wear it for that reason at all. The shade simply flatters my blue eyes and really makes them stand out, without making too much of a statement. Whilst at first it seems a pale champagne, it's warm bronzy. terracotta colour becomes apparent the more you press on and blend out. Paired with my flicked black eyeliner and a good few coats of mascara, I'm set for the day and I feel so confident with it. Buff has become my most favourite shimmer shadow I've ever tried or owned. It's such a gorgeous shade and looks multi-tonal when blended out, meaning less time doing make-up, or fancy crease work in the mornings when I need to get up and go.

It might not be the shortest of posts to read with ten different things but I feel it's more me. When I like something I want to talk about it all the time and share it with as many people I know share similar interests, as possible. That's just who I am and so this post I feel definitely reflects more of my personality than previous like this one.

Over the past few weeks I have been absolutely loving white sunglasses, hats and shimmering shadows and it's got nothing to do with the weather but how I'm feeling in myself, how they boost confidence and totally reflect who I am and how I feel now at the age of 26. I'm definitely feeling more like a woman than a young girl nowadays and I want to express that more now than ever. It's fun to play dress up, experiment and fall in love with things you wouldn't  normally have used in past years. I find myself attracted to fashion pieces and accessories now that I swore I would never wear when I was younger. It's fun growing up and I love getting to express my love for the things that make me tick every now and again. So expect more posts like this one and be sure to pick up a copy of 'The Goddess guide' and let me know what you think!

Laura x


  1. I've been hearing lots of good things about the Lash Sensational from Maybelline. And the packaging is too chic to resist, too. Glad to hear it performs well.

    Jorj | Mad Cherry


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