I am all for a tan during the summer months, there's just something so attractive to me about having darker skin. I always feel like I look much healthier and alive or something and that might sound like madness to some but I know most of you get it. I try so many tans from purchasing them myself and getting PR samples sent to me that I thought I would purposely just pick three products from my stash, that I know you will love. They'll give your skin a gorgeous, natural brown tan and keep your skin healthy too.

It was really hard choosing just three product because I've discovered some amazing new products that I will be reviewing soon on my blog but, I have never looked so naturally bronzed, even toned and felt confident wearing them. I've always hated orange tans or ones that failed to deliver a streak-free and even finish that you could see miles off. I like every part of my tan to look so natural, no matter how light or dark I go and if I find those sorts of products you know I'm going to be talking about them here on my blog and raving about them on my social media for sure!


For those of us who really want to build a very gradual and natural tan, this product is just perfect. It's great to build a lovely light tan before going on holiday and I think men will particularly love this to just bring a subtle warmth to their skin, without noticeably having changed four shades overnight. I promise you natural results, even after four continued days of use. You simply apply a thick layer, massage it in all over, wait ten minutes and rinse it off in the shower, day or night and the tan will develop on your skin within a couple of hours. There's no funky fake tan smell with this one and I absolutely love it. I actually did a full review on this tan recently which I'll link here, so you can see the results for yourself and get all the extra deets you might want to know!


I absolutely adore this product because not only is it so easy to use and saves me time, but it also fades very naturally on my skin. One layer of this gorgeous moisturiser is more than enough for me to get by, but two, is just perfection. I feel so confident using and wearing this product and the chocolatey scent is just to die for. The best part is that it only costs a few pounds and comes with a handy pump so you're not getting the bottle dirty as you apply it to your body. I love using this two nights in a row and then at the end of the week, scrubbing it all off and starting again. It lasts me really well throughout the week but I'm not afraid to add a touch more to the areas that fade easily on me, ususally a few days after the initial applications, if that makes sense!


This for me is probably the ultimate of ultimate tans. I can't get enough of this gorgeous tanning mousse and I'm just about to head into my third bottle (well, I have to purchase it first) in the space of a year. Application is so smooth and easy and feels extremely luxurious, as well as hydrating on my dry skin. It gives me such a deep colour that lasts well over 7 days and without any gradual tans for maintenance, it just doesn't need any help! I apply a decent layer from the neck down, wait an hour and then do another light layer on my chest and shoulders where tan tends to rinse away much lighter on my skin (I do this with all tans) I'll then slip on silky pyjamas, sleep with it on overnight and wake up to the most gorgeous, deep shade of bronze. The best part is that even after rinsing off the guide colour I'm still as dark as I was with it. I know it's £36.00 but it's just so beautiful, I can't be without it, it's definitely my one luxury product I allow myself to buy and I recommend to everyone I meet and know who loves tanning themselves at home.

I decided to choose products based on the shade of tan they will give you and covered my lighter tans to the very darkest, so hopefully you have a good range to choose from and can find the perfect one for you. I love having these products around and I do literally bounce from one to the other depending on my mood, the occasion and how tanned I get naturally from the sun. But one thing I will say is that I never get a bad comment from anyone when wearing any of them, just a lot of questions about what it is that I'm using or if I've been away travelling and that's just what I love about these tans. They are so convincing and they give me confidence to wear my playsuits and dresses, whilst looking after my skin, fading beautifully and without a lot of exfoliation having to be done.

So there you have my top three tans and brands to try this year and I would love to know what you think, what would you be willing to try? Are you someone who prefers a very natural glow, or do you like to go all out with the darkest of dark bronze, let me know in the comments below. I don't think I'll ever stop loving tans, real or fake and I can totally count on these products to deliver excellent results each and every single time I reach for them, I just thought I'd share them with you, because I'm cool like that! ha ha. Have a wonderful day everyone!

Laura x 


  1. I have been searching high and low for an affordable gradual tan that is cruelty free as well, so I am very glad I came across this post. I'm gonna have to pop into Superdrug and pick up that Palmers one.


    1. Yay! I'm so glad I could help. If you have a home bargains nearby they do the giant one for just £4.99! It smells amazing, I hope you love it as much as I do!! x


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