I love this time of year and I love changing up my look as well as the products I use during the warmer months. It's so much fun playing with make-up and moving from plums and deep brown's to fresh pinks and bronze shades, it's just how I like to change my every day look for summer. For the most part I like to keep my look similar year round, with my traditional winged liner and nude lip, but I do change the shades slightly and the brands to keep things interesting. I thought I would share with you exactly all that I do to achieve healthy, glowing bronzed skin and in flattering shades with affordable price tags attached in today's post, I hope you like it!



Now starting with my base products I always like to use a primer and pretty much year round. It just smooths over my skins drier patches and helps with the longevity of my foundation and concealer. Lately I've been using the Gosh primer plus hydration and although it's not the greatest primer I've ever used, it does prep my skin surface and fill in my pores so that my other products go on much better. I've also noticed that it's very similar to Rimmel fix and protect pro primer, so if you're looking a more affordable option that gives the same results, I would say try that one instead.


I adore the Rimmel match perfection foundation during the summer months for it's light and dewy finish. I don't always like to wear foundation when I'm spending time outside in the sun but when I need the coverage or just want to feel a bit more put together I'll reach for this. It does contain SPF20 so I don't wear this in the evening or if I know I'm going to be photographed because it will definitely cause flashback and if you'e got a tan, a white faced photo is never a good look.


I have fallen in love with the Maybelline superstay better skin concealer. It's so creamy and easy to apply under my eyes and over spots. It has brilliant coverage and sets itself, so it doesn't move around causing my fine lines to look more apparent or my spots much redder. This is a gorgeous little drugstore gem, the only issue I have with it is they don't make light enough shades for when I'm not tanning, other than that it's perfect.


You may think it strange to add in my highlighter here at this stage but it's a cream product that should be used over foundation and under other products to really add a glow that will last the entire day, especially when you add your powder highlighter over the top later on. The seventeen wow highlighting cream is absolute perfection and appears more of a luxury product than drugstore. I am forever amazed by the beauty of this product and it's absolutely perfect for this time of year.


Rimmel stay matte powder is simply dusted over the back of my cheeks and jawline to set the base products in place and stop my bronzer from going on heavily or patchy. I loved this powder as a teen when I had extremely oily skin and I still think it's a fantastic product for just setting products on certain areas of my face. I wish I could dust it all over but my dry skin wouldn't tolerate it and I don't want to reduce the dew from my foundation. 


The bronzer I love the most and always go back to is the NYC smooth skin in 'sunny'. It's ridiculously affordable at just £1.99 and gives a gorgeous warmth to my skin that I love. I do have other favourites but this transfers onto my skin nicely and doesn't emphasize my hyper pigmentation at the back of my cheeks.


This is a little part of my makeup routine that I adore for photography and also adding shape to my cheekbones and forehead. I have two little palettes that I've been really getting into this year so far, one being from Collection and the other Rimmel. Depending on my mood I bounce from one to the other and although both are very beautiful but I do reach for the Collection blush and glow palette more often for its beautiful highlight and blush shades. Contouring isn't a fancy thing for me to do it's just so effortless and all so easy to do, especially with little kits like this. I love the glow I get and how radiant my skin looks in the sunshine afterwards. Having that extra subtle definition to my face makes all the difference to my look as well!


Sometimes when I don't want to wear bronzer, highlight or use a contouring product, a simple, fresh pink blush never fails me. I adore baked blushes and I've got one from Mesauda Milano I can never get enough off in the shade' Mariah'. The other blush that's rather new to my collection and that I know I will use a lot this year is Rimmel's mono blush in 'Fresh Pink' a stunning, shimmering pink that glows both during the day and night. I like to have options and when I don't want to go fancy with my make-up and a simple blush like these is more than enough to bring that summer glow to my skin.



I can't go without a bit of liner and mascara, ever! but during this season I like to add my shimmering highlight shade from one of my contouring palettes all over my lid and use the contour shade in my socket before applying a nice black winged liner pen and a good dose of mascara. Although I still haven't found a favourite eyeliner pen yet, this one from Rimmel has served me well this far. As for mascara, Max Factor are the brand I always reach for and right now I'm using the original 'False lash effect' for long, and voluminous lashes for the daytime and I love it!


I've recently had my eyebrows tinted and waxed so I don't even need to touch them with any other product than a bit of gel and for that I've been using the Gosh clear gel for them to hold them in place and keep them looking a bit neater than without it. P.S I totally forgot to put it in the snap above, forgive me!


My lips are forever in a shade of nude or pink and my typical lip routine is to fill them in with a nude liner, nude lipstick and top it off with a touch of gloss in the centre to make them look that little bit bigger. I haven't got a certain set of brand names I use, I just grab whatever is within reach because I choose shades that I know will suit me and really help to brighten my teeth colour, so I never need worry about choosing from my stash, I just grab and go!

It's all a very simple routine to have for summer time and usually takes me around 10-15 minutes (if the wings go on evenly) each morning. It's my signature look that I feel confident wearing and always get compliments about. I feel fresh, healthy and bronzed with my summer makeup look and it just enhances my features, especially my blue eyes and that's always a flattering thing to do with makeup. Find your favourite feature and enhance it with a colour palette that works for your skin tone and listen to the amount of compliments you'll get, it might take a while to learn what works but once you do, your confidence will definitely grow.

The essential part of my routine is definitely my base and getting that right means long lasting makeup with a dewy finish. As someone who lives with dry skin, it's really important for me to add a glow to my skin with my skincare first of all and then working with what I've got from there with makeup.

Summer makeup looks don't have to be expensive to be pretty and I think I've proved that one with this post. Of course I did get a spot right between my brows the night before I shot this blog post, but we're keeping it real here as always and my base products did help to conceal the redness. It's just a typical bad luck Laura moment, it's hilarious!

I really hope you like this look and I would love to know in the comments below what you think of it, what your holy grail makeup products are for this time of year and any recommendations for dry skin suitable foundations and concealers, I would love to know! Have a wonderful week everyone.

Laura x


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