Who doesn't love a bit of shimmer this time of year? Whether it be on your cheekbones, collarbones or legs, for day or night, there's a product to be had for that coveted glow and sparkle to suit your needs and wants. Whilst I'm personally not a fan of the full-on, in your face shimmer, and simply because it's so darn difficult to remove afterwards, you find that sort of stuff on your clothing weeks later after application and multiple washes, it's just way to messy for me. But, I do love a bit of shimmer and especially when I'm exposing a lot of skin in a dress or playsuit. Impressing me further would be to mix it in with a bit of an instant tan and Cocoa Brown have done just that!

I've often found myself needing a last minute tan and whilst most brands have a product that caters to those needs within one hour, sometimes finding the time to make the effort it just not attainable and having a product like this one is just incredibly handy, in the most random of party invites and events where the occasion calls for it.

Cocoa Brown Instant bronzing gel is a very lightweight product to apply that whilst looks scary upon application, when blended, leaves the skin with a beautifully natural looking tan and with a bit of sparkle to finish it off. It's not sticky or drying, but provides a nice bit of moisture to the skin and leaves it looking very even, more toned and of course, sparkling. It's so beautiful!

I prefer to apply it with a tan mitt for ease of application and to prevent my hands from collecting all of the shimmer that I want on my body. I absolutely adore this product for my legs, decollete and arms when any of these areas are exposed. It just adds a touch of glamour and fun to every outfit and for every occasion, it's the most perfect product for summer trips, festivals and the family garden BBQ's. Not forgetting blog post pictures to showcase Jewellery and of course our style posts as well.

It's an absolute must-have for summertime and I cannot wait to really get using it and showing off my pins more. I just love not having to tan all the time because I now have this product to slap on anytime the sun decides to come out, which can be any given minute in Britain and you never know when it might decide to get really hot and require shorts and crop tops. It really is something to travel with and carry around in the handbag, or am I just mad?

It smells just like all the other Cocoa Brown products with that beautiful Tahitian Gardenia floral fragrance and I can smell it a mile off, I love it that much. It doesn't last all day but it certainly sticks around a while and I know that fans of Cocoa Brown range will appreciate it, I've been hoping they'll make a body spritz like the Victoria Secret ones, I would never stop using it!

It's not tested on animals, doesn't contain any parabens and comes in a rather large tube with 150ml's of product that will last me ages! OK, maybe not ages, but definitely the full length of summertime. I love Cocoa Brown's 1 hour dark tan and I can't wait to pair these two together for upcoming events and summer days in dresses, I know they will look incredible together.

I almost forgot to mention that whilst it's not totally water resistant it doesn't come off as easily as other products I've tried and does require a little scrub with your regular shower gel and water. I find a shower removes everything well enough and I'm only left with the tiniest bit of glitter afterwards, which I think looks pretty after a day in the sun.

So ladies and gentlemen, if you're on the hunt for the perfect tan with a bit of sparkle, Cocoa Brown has got your back and mine and I highly recommend you pick up a tube for summer. I really hope you enjoyed today's post and I wish you all a beautiful day!

Laura x


  1. This looks lovely! And just in time for summer, when you need that little something ^_^

    Aliya x | |

    1. I know right! Bit of sparkle and tan look amazing during the warmer months! x


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