I think a watch says a lot about a person, their life and obviously their style. Some prefer chunk, with diamante and gems encrusted, whilst others choose a more simplistic design with minimalist detailing and I happen to fall on the latter side of choice. A clean face with a delicate form is right up my street and something that fits into my everyday wardrobe but blends perfectly into my more formal side.

Way north are a Belfast based brand creating the finest of watches and accessories to complete and personalise your style. Their watches are crafted with complete elegance and an attractively beautiful face that I just keep staring at. 

I chose the Silver mesh because it's not too feminine or masculine but screams modesty, innocence and humbleness. It doesn't overwhelm the eye but still catches it with its white face and smooth silver bezel. The mesh strap is bright and brings that slight androgynous finish that I love and its delicate hands that point to the finest of marks. It's a beautiful timepiece that I know I can style for both work and play, creating formal styles and fitting it with casual life, it's just perfect.

One of the exciting things about Way North, apart from the fact that they are based here in Northern Ireland, is that the watches are interchangeable and provide you with various shades of leather and stripe straps, leaving you spoilt for choice. 

The watch is a slim fit with a sturdy finish and overall a beautiful timepiece that completes my accessory wardrobe. It's so chic and classy as it is but I know I can make it a little more casual in both my personal styling but also by purchasing a leather strap, which I intend to do. I have my eyes on the tan because there's just something to me that's so robust and casual about wearing silver and tan together, I just love that combination of colours.

Watch out (no pun intended) for a style post coming up featuring this beautiful timepiece but for now I hope the pictures serve it justice because in real-life it's just so handsome and impressive but without saying a lot.

Let me know if you liked this post in the comments below and how you would personally style this watch. A dress, or a casual blouse? Don't forget to check out Way North's website, which I will leave linked down below. Have a wonderful day everyone!

PR Sample

Laura x


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