I am a klutz and I always have been. I guess it's my lanky exterior that I still forget I have because I'm always bumping, bruising and injuring myself at some point. Well, obviously mum knew this from a rather young age because in my house I grew up with Arnica gel being massaged on my bumps and bruises almost every day and it was the 'magic cream' that soothed away my upset and helped to repair and heal away those aches. Strangely enough, SBC was the brand we used and we swore by it for absolute years but somehow forgot about the amazing benefits as we got older. However, that all changed again recently and SBC have made their way back into my life.

SBC, which stands for simply beautiful collection is a British brand that is now so nostalgic for me and simply because I grew up with the bottles around the bathroom. SBC create different homeopathic gels and lots of other incredible skin care products to treat our aches and pains, blemishes and even stress levels because of the natural ingredients used within the products and are now celebrating 25 years of sharing their wonderful skincare with the world.

Arnica is gel is derived from it's natural flower and has been used for hundreds of years from it's natural healing properties were first discovered. Some of those healing properties include the repairing of muscle strains, reducing swelling and even treating arthritic diseases and sprains and I can personally attest to the bruises, swelling and sprains part. I was always a very active child, from football to roller skating, running and climbing fences (total tomboy) I don't know what I would have done without this product.

Fast forwarding a lot of years, more than 15 now and here I am blogging about the fabulous Arnica collection for that exact brand and I'm so happy to be doing so. SBC were kind enough to send their muscle soak, which is totally new to me, as well as that infamous massaging gel to talk about and share my thoughts on, which clearly I'm guessing you already know I'm in love with.

A few weeks ago I had torn some ligaments and pulled intercostal muscles down the left hand side of my rib cage, which was painful to say the least and soaking my aching body in a bath of the muscle soak was just incredible and I'm not a bath kind of girl. On the other hand, the gel really helped ease the pain levels the most and I haven't stopped using it since I realised it was.

Each of the products comes with a pump which makes dispensing so easy and nowadays the packaging looks so chic and elegant and by adding two pumps of the bath soak into running water, it becomes a light foam and the fragrance, outrageously nostalgic and soothing. Both the gel and bath soak have the same wonderful scent, which I much prefer to Lavender but has the same relaxing and very calming effects.

What I truly love about the Arnica range is that they absolutely work and is not a gimmick. My tired aching body feels so much better after soaking in the bath after a long day and then applying the gel onto those particularly sore or inflamed areas, such as my rib cage just adds that extra healing power to the affected areas to really get a concentrated effect. The fragrance lasts for hours on end and particularly so when you combine the use of these products, it's something really wonderful to use just before bed after a long day of work and errands.

If you have small children who are as active as I was growing up, perhaps a sporty partner or are in desperate need of products to really soothe your body and pamper your needs then Arnica is definitely a range to try. The products last an extremely long time and there's no greasy or oily texture to be felt on the skin, which is another reason to love them because you can simply apply the gel and get dressed right away without any discomfort. Nobody really likes that heavyweight, moisture- laden feeling and neither of these products cause that, nor do they dry out your skin either.

The collection also includes a shower creme, a more intensive gel and an actual cream so you can choose the products according to your needs and wants and are all very worth their salt. They also come in various sizes and pricing ranges so you can choose small amounts to start with or large to last you months on end, which is what my mum did. 

SBC's beautiful Arnica collection is something every household should have around, especially those who travel often or are very active families, prone to bumps and bruises. I've thoroughly enjoyed getting back into using the skincare and trying the muscle soak, both are extremely wonderful at doing their job and of course bringing back plenty of childhood memories for me. Arnica will be a permanent fixture once more in my future.

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