Summer is here and it's time to blow the dust of the razors, get exfoliating and bringing the glow back to our dry, winter beaten skins. Yes, I know it's been spring but it's been so cold and the weather a little on the crazy side that it just didn't feel like it. However, it's now May, which means next month is June, which means sunshine, shorts and cold drinks and boy am I ready for it. On the other hand this means the pale blue legs are exposed a lot during this new season and I definitely need a little help in that department. Cue the pre-shower tan from NKD SKN, which allows you to build a beautifully natural colour, to fool even the most expert of fake tan addicts. It's simple to use, packed with nourishing and natural ingredients and is rinsed off after just 10 minutes of wear, sounds good doesn't it?

It's definitely one of the most interesting and unique false tanning products I've tried and it's all because of how it's used. Application is the fastest, most innovative way to get a tan that requires just 10 minutes of your time and we could all do with a little time saving beauty like this in our lives. Truthfully, I've actually spent over 30 minutes in the past applying my self-tanners, which is just insane and it's not that I always have the time to do so or even want to have a darker tan. In fact, it's during this season that I like to look the most natural because I tan so well when the sun is out. But my legs are always pale, forever yearning for the sun rays to tint them that gorgeous natural brown colour, but it's just never happened and it probably never will. *sobs*

So how did I get on in terms of application, colour and everything else? Well instead of me rambling on I've compiled my thoughts into a simple arrangement of pro's and con's below.

  • Fast application
  • Natural colour
  • Easy to build
  • Hydrating
  • No overnight wear
  • Mild fake tan scent
  • Organic ingredients
  • Readily available to buy from Superdrug
  • Safe to use on both face and body
  • Fades beautifully and very evenly
  • Generous amounts needed
  • Very sticky
  • Irritates freshly shaved skin, including little cuts 
  • No guide colour
  • Mistakes a little more easy to make
  • 3 days before colour was noticeable
  • Go through product quite quickly
Overall, I really enjoyed using the product and after a few practices had perfected my applications. The first two times I hadn't apparently blended the product in enough around the tops of my thighs and ended up with quite noticeable tan build-up, which was righted after a few more applications. The only negative to my application was the amount of product needed for a head-to-toe tan and with just 150ml of product in the tube, I found myself getting through it quite quickly.

On the other hand I absolutely loved the whole idea of not having to tan and rinse for longer than ten minutes, what a total game changer! It really built into a medium colour by day four and the colour still remained natural looking and without a hint of orange in sight. The natural ingredients really helped nourish my dry skin and left it feeling very smooth and looking much more healthy than usual.

Although I did find it took me at least three full applications before I really felt comfortable exposing my legs and knowing they looked tanned. By day four I had a very beautiful medium shade of colour to my body and looked as if I might've spent a little weekend away in the sun somewhere nice.

The benefit of not having to wear a tanning product in bed overnight proved itself very appealing because it meant I didn't stink my freshly washed bed sheets, streak or stain any clothing or pyjamas either, which were only new. It began developing after rinsing it off and only a small hint of fake tan fragrance could be detected. By the next morning I had woken up to a beautiful little glow to my skin and although first application was barely noticeable to others, I could tell my skin had a little something-something going on and I really liked it.

The NKD pre-shower tan is definitely a product for summer holidays because you can build a light glow a few days before flying off and maintain any colour you get on the way back. I think men would really love this product too because of how natural it is and is great for fair skin tones. It adds a subtle warmth to the skin without tinting it red but a more olive shade which personally suits my natural colouring.

A toxic free, pre-shower tan is a genius idea and I think a lot of you would love this product. I know most of us are getting into the summer spirit right about now and with that comes a desire to be naturally tanned and this product would certainly be something to consider, especially if you hate regular self-tanning products with a guide colour and horrible fake tan scent that you fear might rub off onto the bedsheets, which if it doesn't, totally stinks up your bedroom overnight and this is the complete opposite of any of that.

It's such a unique and amazing product and it gets two thumbs up from me. I would love to know what you all think and if you would be interested in a product like this. Tan then shower and watch it develop overnight, how does that sound to you? Let me know in the comments below and I wish you all a fabulous day!

NKD SKN by Vita Liberata Pre- Shower Tan Available from Superdrug

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Laura x


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