I'm definitely not made of money but I do have a penchant for buying myself new make-up and also some beauty essentials that will keep me feeling fresh and fabulous. Over the past few weeks I've accumulated a few items I thought I would bundle into a post for you to see because every other haul I've done has been a complete hit, and I guess it's because we're always looking something new to try and if we're really honest, we all like to have a good nosey at what everyone else is buying. There's certainly nothing wrong with treating yourself and today's post certainly isn't braggy, but just a good ole haul style post for you to feast your eyes on.

Let's start with the make-up because that's everyone's favourite and I think I'll start with base products.


Dry skin and make-up don't like to mix, so I always need a primer. Although this was £14!!! (Bit mental for a drugstore brand) I decided to splurge the cash as I'd heard nothing but good reviews and I knew it was cruelty free. However, after first use it totally reminded me of the texture of the Rimmel Fix and perfect pro primer, but with a bit more of a wet feeling on the skin. It definitely adds hydration when you first apply it but by the end of the day my dry patches are just as exaggerated by my make-up, as it would be without the primer. A short-term, overly priced primer in my eyes but it cost £14 quid so I've got to use it up *sad face*


Totally blaming this purchase on the gorgeous Sam Schuerman from YouTube because she always talks about how great it sits under the eyes on fine lines and dry skin. Well, she's right, it's fantastic! The only problem is the shade, which I can only use when tanned and I'm not always tanned! It's very smoothing, easy to blend and it actually sets itself into place without the need for any powder and I love that. It's rare to find a concealer from the high street that doesn't need any powder to hold it in place, it's a beautiful product and definitely one I'd recommend for ladies with fine lines or suffer with a lot of creasing under the eyes. It's pretty affordable too at just £5.99!


I'm a huge fan of Real techniques and had to add to my little collection. The sculpting brush is recommended for contouring and although I love to sculpt my face out a little bit for daytime, I was told it made for an amazing foundation brush, which I can now totally vouch for. The brush is super soft, easy to use and blends my bases perfectly and without any streaking. It's absolutely worth getting and because it's multi-use, so you'll definitely find some sort of use for it.


It's small, so cute and as with most brushes I've tried from the brand, very soft, allowing my make-up to blend seamlessly and without much effort. I bought this to use as my concealer brush and I love it! But it will be fantastic for highlighting the high points of my face, or setting certain areas with powder, I'm spoilt for choice with these brushes and they always last the longest out of other brush brands I've tried. My old stippling brush lasted me 5 years before it started to shed any hairs!


I'd heard a lot of good about this little contouring kit and I decided I needed it after my sister used it on me a few days before my shopping trip. The highlighter is a sheen of beautiful pale gold, the contour is dark and pigmented but perfect and the blush is a beautiful golden coral, which lights up the face in daylight. It's a very pretty little kit to have but I would recommend a very light hand with the contour and blush as they are very powdery. P,S they also make a lighter shade range but I chose the darker based of my results when my sister used it on me!


Superdrug were doing a buy on get one half price offer on all Rimmel at the time of purchasing the contour kit and I'd always wanted to try this blush, from the day I saw Lisa Eldridge use it in one of her amazing make-up tutorials. It's a very fresh and glowing pink shade which looks gorgeous on pale skin and really adds that youthful glow to my rather dry and colourless face. I'm so glad I finally picked it up, it's been on my 'to -get' list but was never top priority so I couldn't pass it up when I saw this very cool deal Superdrug has kindly provided.

I've just realised that most of my purchases were from Rimmel, totally not planned by the way. Guess I just really love the brand its products!


Not only is this my very first cruelty free mascara but it's also my first time ever trying one from Barry M. The packaging is just gorgeous!! It's so heavy too and feels much more luxurious than any other mascara brand I've tried from the high street, however, it's not as good as I was hoping it would be. The wand is perfectly small and curved and it definitely grips my lashes, but it's got this weird plastic effect on my lashes and it just clumps them together and in the end refuses to hold any curl at all. Quite disappointed but it was just £4.99 so that's not too bad. I'm not having any luck in the mascara department lately so if you have any recommendations, I would love to hear them!


I'm all about the brows lately and this was on offer for just £2.99. All the reviews said it was the best and it would definitely hold my hairs in place. I honestly don't see anything great about it, apart from the wand, which really combs the gel through but other than that, I still see brow hairs bending down after a while, so annoying!


I'm all about the thin winged liner look when it comes to my everyday make-up look and I needed to replace my other one as it had completely dried up. There was a Rimmel stand in a chemist I was in recently when I was picking up my meds from the doctor and I couldn't resist picking it up. It's a lovely thin nib to work with but it lacks the ink to give the full effect. Personally it's no better than my collection lasting perfection one that costs just £3 quid. I don't know if I'll ever find 'the one' when it comes to liner but, I'll sure as hell keep on trying.


First of all the packaging is amazing, with its new squeeze tube that makes for easy dispensing and storage. Secondly the scent is from heaven itself, it is so fresh and feminine and every time I use it people happen to ask me what perfume I'm wearing (I don't really like perfume all that much and never wear it) so I'm always flattered with the reaction. I love it after a bath and I leave the bathroom door open so that it lingers and spreads itself throughout the house, it's that gorgeous! VERY hydrating, luxurious and totally worth it's price. I'm half way through the tube already, I better stock up!


My new favourite shower cream and mostly for its uber fresh summery fragrance and gentle exfoliating beads when I'm trying to remove the remainders of any fake tan. It's so nourishing but I honestly just keep buying it for how amazing it smells. I've been a huge fan of dove for years and this is just another product to add to the favourites list.


After using up my volumising bottle I knew I wanted to try something new BUT people, they've brought back my beloved shampoo and simply gave it a new name. It was formerly known as Aqua light and I don't know why they took it off the market, to give it a longer name, but with the same amazing product inside. I HAD to pick it up, I've missed it so much and because of how well it works for my hair type. It gives more volume than the voluminous, which sounds mental but so true and it cuts through grease and dry shampoo like nothing else I've tried, it's fabulous. Truthfully I almost cried (was very hormonal at time) when I saw it sitting there at my local Tesco store shelf. So thank you Pantene, thank you Tesco for making me so happy and giving me back my beloved shampoo once more. It will never not be in my shower ever again!!!


 I ran out of my hair mousse the same day I used the last drop of my shampoo and I can't survive without it. I decided to try the blue canister instead of my usual purple one because it apparently adds even more hold of volume to your style and I can totally agree with that. I don't use hair mousse just for the volume but also as a bit of a de-greasing product, I don't know why but it seems to have always cut down the oil production of my scalp the following day after use. So I can skip a day of washing if I want too and just go for a messy bun or slick ponytail. So far so good and it was on offer for £1.50-ish at the time.

Well that's all for now but I'm sure there'll be another one soon because I'm running out of powder, foundation and I need a paler concealer, but, I think that's me stocked up for another while. So tell me, what's been in your shopping baskets recently? I'd love to know! Have a wonderful week everyone,

Laura x


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