I love skincare and taking care of my face and neck is an essential part of my morning routine, without it my skin looks and feel horrid and my make-up just doesn't sit right. Therefore my morning skincare routine is as crucial for me as eating breakfast.

In my teens my skin was very oily and the sun would literally bounce of the oils on my face and blind people driving or walking in front of me (I exaggerate, but you get the idea) Nowadays, I'm drier than the desert itself and my skin craves hydration and attention like a spoilt little child. It's constantly on demand and so I need products to deliver the moisture, as well as them being affordable.

Although my routine changes several times of the year and mostly because of the weather I've managed to find the perfect products and habits that work best with my skin in the "warmer" months and in the mornings and I'm here to share that with you today. So here it is, my easy, 4- step morning routine for dry, acne prone and sensitive skin.


I don't care what anyone says St Ives apricot clearing facial scrub is the best for acne and dry skin types. I don't use this every morning, just a few times a week to rid of old dead skin cells, overnight acne treatments and bring the glow back to my skin. I adore the smell of this product and it's been a lifetime favourite of mine. I personally like to gently scrub my face with it and leave it on for a minute or two to let its magic work on my skin and doing this gives me even better results. It's like a quick mini-mask for the morning time.


I've been using the Una Brennan Vitamin C+ cleansing oil now for the past few weeks and it's so beautiful. I pour several drops of this into the palms of my hands, then massaging it all over my face, neck and decollete for a few seconds and let it sit. I'll brush my teeth whilst I let it work its magic and then begin rinsing with lukewarm water, watching it turn into a milk and washing down the drain. It's such an unusual product, and I didn't expect it to rinse of in the way that it does. However, it leaves my skin feeling plump and super soft.


Now it's time to moisturise and treat any of my eczema patches that are looking quite inflamed and itchy. The common areas on my face are usually between my brows, centre of face, lower cheek and neck and for that I like to use Aveeno. Aveeno is the only cream that really takes down the redness and reduces itching, especially when its hay fever season and I've used it for years without any sensitivity. 

For the rest of my face and neck, I've been using the Sukin sensitive organic cream, which is absolutely beautiful and provides just the right amount of hydration for my skin before I apply my make-up. It's definitely not a heavy cream, which I much prefer before I apply my make-up. I find the heavier the cream, the more it overwhelms my skin and then I get blocked pores and whiteheads, allowing for painful spotty outbreaks, the key for me is to use lighter creams with good ingredients. Sukin are an Australian skincare brand who don't add any parabens, SLS, SLES, silicone and a bunch of other unnatural and nasty ingredients we don't need. I love this cream, but I do intend to try their heavier day and night creams in the future.


I don't like eye creams, they do nothing for me and as a lover of natural beauty and oils I use the Holo's anti-ageing facial oil instead. I simply apply 1-2 drops on my fingers and being pressing it around my eyes, leaving it to soak in for a few minutes before make-up. It's so luxurious, smells beautiful and really helps smooth my fine lines, allowing me to blend concealer over the top and without any powdery dryness to them. It's packed with so many beautiful ingredients, vitamins and is made in Ireland.

As you can see I've really tried to keep my skincare in the mornings to a minimum of four steps to just remove the dead skin and get my skin hydrated and glowing for the day. Sometimes I don't even bother with make-up and I just bare my pigmentation marks with confidence because my skin feels incredible after using these products.

This is definitely the easiest routine I've ever had and it's because I leave all the acne treatments and deep exfoliation to night-time, after taking off my make-up. It saves me so much time and upset in the mornings but really preps my skin for the day. There's no agitated spot picking or pigmentation upset because I know I've treated it the night before and that makes all the difference for me.

All of these products are great for dry and sensitive skin and don't cause any more inflammation than what I already have to deal with. You can see I still like to use oils during the day and that's because they work best on my skin type and they never cause any redness or burning but actually reduce all of that sensitivity and soothe my skin to a comfortable state.

My skin is definitely looking better these days and so my make-up is too. If you liked today's post please let me know and if you'd like to see my evening skincare routine which involves the use of my Magnitone and a few other products. I could definitely post that in a few weeks once I test out my new night cream for a bit longer. Skincare is so important at every age but I feel as I've gotten older I can't live without giving it serious attention. I don't want to look young forever but I want my skin to look as beautiful as it can while it ages and I think the key is lots of hydration with a good dose of exfoliation and plenty of nourishing oils.

Laura x


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