I've been a huge fan of Max Factor mascara's for years now and when they release a new one I'm all over it like a rash. My lashes are naturally straight and don't ever want to hold a curl without a good waterproof mascara in place. But I don't always like wearing those kinds of mascara's and that's why I love this brand because I don't need waterproof, I just need Max factor. They've always been enough for my lashes and I haven't come across one that I didn't like, perhaps, until now...

Max factor Voluptuous false lash effect mascara comes in gorgeous emerald green and gold packaging but fails to impress me any further and that makes me so sad, mostly because of the price I paid for it, but also the complete lack of any lash volume it claims to give.

I always use lash curlers before applying any kind of mascara and that usually gives the mascara a good head start in pulling my lashes upwards to really open and define my eyes. However, in this case it sinks my lashes lower than any other one I've tried from the brand, and leaves me with black, stick straight lashes, looking as if I didn't make any effort with an eyelash curler (or the brush itself). Even with curling after using the mascara, it still fails to hold anything in place.

The wand is absolutely HUGE! It's bigger than my eyes and so getting right to the roots of my lashes without hitting my lid is a tricky one. I didn't expect it to be so big because the other mascara's from the false lash effect line have never been that way before. I guess I should have done more research before purchasing it but it's too big for me to manage my sparse but actually quite long lashes. I hate to diss a product, but I've got to be honest with my readers and I'm really disappointed...

The brush itself is an odd spiral shape with a dome of plastic bristles throughout the wand, as well as the tip, but makes no difference either way I use it. It fails drastically at doing anything and at £11.99 it's not the standard I expect from Max factor, especially since every other mascara I've tried has never failed me like this one.

I'm totally gutted and saddened by this product because I thought I would love it like every other one. But the formula feels different, it's much wetter and the brush is just too big to do anything dramatic to lashes like it promises. I've just finished using my previous Max factor mascara and loved it from the start so as you can imagine the voluptuous has left me feeling a little confused and without any mascara to use *sad face*

I would love to know if any of you have tried this mascara and what you thought of it because everyone is different and I did read quite a few positive reviews online before the time of purchasing. I'm so gutted I don't know what to do, I'm praying a week of drying it out a little will do the trick and I can work with it from there. Any advice would be welcome because I begrudge throwing away a mascara that cost more than a tenner or that's from Max Factor! Have a wonderful day everyone,

Laura x


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