"That" time of the month will be coming around soon for millions of us girls around the globe and for some it means nothing, whilst for others it means they have quite a battle on their hands, or in their knickers I should say. It can be a difficult time for a lot of women mentally if nothing else and whilst our hormones have us flinging from one emotion to the next, Pink Parcel have come up with the most incredible period box to put your mind at ease and pamper you from the comfort of your own home, that you now don't even need to leave.

For those of you who have perhaps never heard of Pink Parcel, they are a monthly subscription, all things period box, which is delivered straight to your doorstep and covers the boyfriend/husband/partner's last minute dashes to the local Tesco's or pharmacy to stock up on the favourite tampons, liners and or pads brand, which they never seem to get right bless them. It saves the planning, the extra time and effort of having to remember to pick these essentials up every time our period's come around, with a little something extra.

The box comes discreetly, which I know a lot of my friends and family members will be pleased to know so you don't have the worry about the postman seeing a big tampon and blood on the cover of the packet it comes in. I feel that they really took their time into designing everything when it comes to the packaging because it's perfectly discreet and yet has that thing where it can make you feel appreciated and looked after and that you don't have to worry about a thing because Pink Parcel have got your back.

The box comes divided into sections with lots of little black and pink boxes each telling you what they're for. On the left hand side we have our little pamper and beauty filled box known as the 'For you' gift box. This changes from one month to the next and you never know what it might be, which I really like the idea of. So let me show you what I got in this months box...


  • Mallow Marsh- A vanilla Marshmallow covered in milk chocolate. 100% natural and super yummy, trust me.
  • Boozi Body care - French Martini fragranced hand cream. It smells absolutely incredible and is cruelty and paraben free!
  • True Brit London Nail Polish - In the shade 'Pink Parcel' exclusive only with pink parcel subscribers. It's 9 free and is the most beautiful Milkshake pink nail polish I now own.
  • Nairn's Oatcakes - 2 lovely Vegan, Wheat-free, whole grained oat biscuits.
  • Teapigs Teabag - In chamomile flowers which I'm so chuffed with because I love chamomile tea before bed or during period stressed filled days to help soothe me. 
  • New CID Cosmetics i-smoulder - A Smokey eye pencil and shadow in a stick form and is in the shade 'Amethyst' a beautiful purple colour which will enhance my baby blues.
  • NPW Face Mask - A sachet of pomegranate and Paw Paw to help nourish and invigorate my face.
They absolutely packed this little box with so many exciting goodies, it definitely cheered me up and I'm in love with the nail polish. I've had to wait to get all my pictures done before I could eat anything, which almost killed me #bloggerprobs but everything tasted super yummy and they were great snacks for a busy day.

Moving on to the next section, we have our sanitary pads/tampons and even liners. I'm a pads girl and I chose the Always Infinity range this time round but you can choose from so many others if you would prefer something else, including tampon brands. Each of my pads and liners came in separate boxes, which I really liked, everything was perfectly organised for the crazy perfectionist. There's one for bedtime, a box for later, one for down there and a for now too. But don't worry I'll explain it much better below and I'll show you what's in each compartment and tell you how many sanitary products you get.

FOR BEDTIME - 5x large night time pads. In one box. 

FOR LATER - Comes with 14 more day pads. In one box.

FOR NOW - Comes in this cute little pouch that looks like something Jewellery would be held in. It contains 4 daytime pads and 6 panty liners.

FOR DOWN THERE - Inside this box are a packet of 10 wipes from brand SAS, which are bio-degradable, flushable wipes.  I think my heavy flowed sisters will appreciate these for little clean-ups as and when needed.

They really have thought of everything and every eventuality because you can pop your wipes into your little 'For Now' pouch and take it with you to work, holiday trips, nights out and not have to worry about everyone seeing your pads exposed should your handbag spill open during a clumsy moment (we've all been there!). 

The only thing I would say is that personally there's not enough sanitary towels for me and I would need another packet for night-time and a few more pads for the daytime (TMI) There's 18 day time pads and that means 6 days of changing three times but there's 5 night-time pads which, I guess I could use for the first few days instead to make up for the missing day-time ones I would need. I'm not so sure but I do think I would personally need more than 23 pads but every girl is different and for some this might even be too many.

With your monthly parcel you also get some discount cards for the products featured in your little pamper box. This month their offering 15% off all Boozi body care products, 15% off everything from CID cosmetics and 15% off Teapigs tea bags when you spend £25 or more on their site. I also got a little packet of 'Fab Little bag', which are Tampon disposal bags that are bio-degradable, made from organic material and are totally re-usable. How amazing is that? I would use them for my liner disposal since I don't use tampons instead.

Overall, I honestly and very genuinely loved my April Pink Parcel box and would totally recommend all women out there to try it out for themselves. As I mentioned earlier, they've thought of everything, to cheer you up, to kill those crazy junk food cravings and take care of the sanitary situation that crops up inevitably every month. However, I do still feel I would need more pads but I do have rather long and heavy periods (sorry for the TMI again) but we're all women here, right? 

This subscription service is such a fantastic idea for those who suffer with PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder) or suffer badly with PMS symptoms. It would also make a lovely gift to our young women who are perhaps just starting their periods for the first time, or for someone whose just had a baby and things are getting back to normal, what could be more pleasant than having this box delivered each month to pamper themselves and take care of all the other things that come with periods?

Should you sign up and decide to cancel after the first box, there are no cancellation fee's and you will not be charged for any other boxes after your cancellation is confirmed. So there really is a great opportunity to even just try out this months box to see how you would feel about it. There's no crazy catch commitment in super tiny writing in the bottom of a contract which I really like, you can just cancel at anytime and without any fuss.

If you would like to get your hands on the April box of the Pink Parcel subscription service then go and sign up now and get it for just £9.95 incl P+P. But remember every box after that is £12.99 including your postage and packaging. I really do think its excellent value for money, especially when you count the cost of the £12.50 Nail polish alone and all the extra things you get, as well as the gorgeous packaging.

I'm so grateful to have been sent this box by Pink Parcel and am completely won over by the whole idea. I've never really had any interest in any of the subscription boxes before but this really is something else. A box for your period, who would've thought something as marvellous as this even existed? I love it and I know you lot will too! The boys are missing out big time but we deserve something for all this trouble don't we?

*Pink Parcel April Box Available Here

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