I love nothing more than a rebellious trend and when something 'shouldn't' be done, worn or styled during a particular season. This time round it's all about the dark lippy and grunge-like sultry eyed look that's got my attention and this season, all the rage. 

It's a trend I'm absolutely loving and feeling very inspired by, delving into my make-up collection with an excitement to wear something different to the norm and tailoring it to my own personal style. It's such a fun take on a spring make-up look and today I'm going to talk you through everything about it and of course share my favourite lipstick and liner to wear for this rather vampy look.

Everyone can find their perfect dark lippy, all you have to decide is which one makes your teeth look the whitest and which texture you prefer, glossy or matte? Of course with me, everything has to be matte on the lips for the longevity and mostly for the fear of it going on my teeth mid conversation in work or on a date, I couldn't bare the embarrassment! 

My preferred dark lipstick is from one of my all-time favourite high street brands, Rimmel and is without a doubt the only one for me. The name of this beauty is 'Starry-eyed' and is uber affordable, costing just £4.99 from your local Boots stores and is from their lasting perfection range. It's highly pigmented, easy to apply and lasts me hours on end and without touch-ups. It's definitely more on the burgundy side, although my pictures have come up brighter and the lippy more purple. In real-life and not during a really dull day, in which my camera can't decide what colour anything should be, it's a very deep wine colour and it's perfect for this look, wouldn't you agree?

Of course no dark lip would be complete without a decent liner to help lock it all in place and my perfect match for this lipstick also comes from the Rimmel range and is known as The lasting finish, 1000 kisses in 'Black Tulip' which I honestly wear on it's own sometimes for that more matte and messy look to my lips. This liner really helped perfect my shape and stopped the lipstick from bleeding half way down my chinnigans. It's a really pretty colour and it makes these two the perfect match for my vampy spring lip. I urge you to get this at least, if nothing else, you can spend £2.99 and still create this look with ease, I love it!

Although I've perfected mine a little more for this post, off camera I like to get a little smudgy so you can't really tell where the lip liner begins and lipstick ends. I like to work them into the lips together, with lots of blotting and a little powder to really set it in place. You can totally tailor dark lips to your needs and decide if you want to go more brown than red, or more burgundy than purple, it's totally up to you! 

The key to this trend is to keep your skin fresh, bronzed and a little dewy on the cheeks but getting a little smudgy with some bronzed eye shadow. Of course I had to add my wings to this look because it's much more like me and I think it served this look well enough, without ruining the effect. Get smudgy and creative and own it, isn't that what make-up is for? I love creativity and I certainly enjoyed putting this look together for this post.

I'm pretty obsessed with this trend right now and I've been getting quite a few compliments about how amazing it looks. I'm not one to follow trends or 'the crowd' as it were but I do genuinely love this style of make-up, it's fun, rebellious and a little on the dark side, which I'm not really used too.

Let me know your thoughts on this very vampy led spring trend and if you would be willing to spare the nudes for a while to test the dark side out for this season. I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Oh! and don't forget to tell me your favourite dark lipsticks, I would love to see some high end and low end recommendations so everyone can achieve this look, no matter their budget. Don't forget to leave Links below!
Laura x


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