It's definitely no secret that I love a bit of fake tan and I believe it's mostly due to the fact that I live in Northern Ireland, the most dullest rainiest country, most probably in the World. It's so grey, my pasty pale skin blends in with the skies and scenery around me and you can't tell the difference between the two. I don't know why Johnny Cash sung 40 shades of green when he came here because it's more like 50 shades of grey and not in the erotic way. However, I'm not here to chat about the weather, landscape, or books because today I'm sharing my newest tan addition and trial featuring luxury tan brand and personal favourite, Madame LA LA.

I keep myself well stocked up on gradual and developing tans for my body but rarely have I ever went out of the way to find something for my face. I guess with acne and dry skin, I just never thought it would be a good idea to put DHA all over ma face. However, last year I was contacted by the lovely team at Madame LA LA and was sent a bottle of their dark body tan, which if you follow me on social media you will know I cannot live without, I absolutely adore it (I'm almost on to my 3rd bottle). Well, since then their bronzing facial serum has been on my 'To get' mental beauty product list, which all us girls have, right? and basically because I decided I needed to try that too.

Madame LA LA west coast bronzing serum is just that, it's a serum designed to give you a gorgeous glow whilst hydrate, plum and brighten your face as it develops. It's jam packed with lots of natural ingredients such as Vitamins A, E and C, CQ10, coconut water and green tea for that anti-oxidant boost. It's also cruelty-free and free of petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, talc, oil and parabens, which is just incredible and I think you will agree. It's so hard to find natural tanning products that aim to help nourish your skin and not just stain it. 

It's very simple to use and the lightweight and slippy formula makes for an easy application that you can use twice a week to keep your face matching your body, instead of having to do that with your foundation. You simply take one pump (pea-sized) with your hands and massage it in all over until you feel it beginning to set and then you wash your hands afterwards, simple right? 

When you first dispense the product it will be very slippy but as you blend it begins to mattify itself, which I really like. Don't get me wrong it's not tight or dry, it's dewy looking but it doesn't slide around your face, it just seems to set. It's also tinted with a guide colour so you can see exactly where you've applied it and if you need to push it back further into your hairline for a seamless blend. It just means less mistakes, orange hairlines and white ears and we've all been there for sure!
"A gorgeously bronzed face is what I wanted and it's exactly what I got"

I've been using it twice a week and I apply it mostly to my face the first time round and then the second, I add it to my neck and décolleté when I need a little 'tan top up'. I don't know why but tan never likes to stay long on my neck and chest so this is the perfect product should I want to skip make-up for a few days and not have an obvious fake tanned body and white faced look but more of a sunkissed finish from head-to-toe, that still looks natural.

This bronzing serum can be worn under you make-up should you want to and although I've tried it, I prefer to just pop it on before I go to bed after having cleansed my skin with my Magnitone. Having well exfoliated and freshly cleansed skin definitely improves the results I get. It is recommended that you do exfoliate beforehand and I can see why, especially as someone who has dry skin, this tan goes on far smoother and gives me a better finish when I take those extra steps beforehand. 

This bronzing serum really does do all the hard work, I just sit there and read a mag or write a new blogpost, it's so uncomplicated and fits around my rather hectic lifestyle and I love it. A Gorgeously bronzed face is what I was hoping for and it's exactly what I got. No hint of orange whatsoever just that lovely warm olive tone that looks super natural.

It's an amazing product and I am completely converted to tanning my face now and without any fear of going too dark, breaking out or looking rather odd when I decide to not wear make-up. It smells amazing too and is just like the body tan from their range. At first it smells like coconut water, very subtle and then as time goes on a little more like fake tan but I can't detect it after a few hours whatsoever after that, it's just perfect. 

"I'm not just hyping it up for the brands' sake, I'm hyping it up because it's that good!"

With a 100ml in this one bottle, you get tons of product that will last months on end. One pump gives the perfect pay-off and is a nice natural/medium colour so you really don't need to use it too often. It is total luxury for the face, I'm not going to lie. I find it so easy and uncomplicated and I know I can trust it to look after my skin and give me the tanned finish I desire each time I use it. 

Madame LA LA have gone done it again and won me over. If you're on the hunt for a new facial tanner to try, I would definitely recommend giving Madame LA LA west coast serum a go. The quality is just like nothing else and I'm so happy I finally got it. O and a quick side note I was not sent this product, it was purchased with my own money so I'm not just hyping it up for the brands' sake, I'm hyping it up because it's that good!

I really hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful. I would love to know what your favourite body tan brands are and whether or not you like to tan your face with them. If you had a product like this would you be willing to give it a shot instead? Leave your answer in the comments below or catch me on twitter. Have a lovely day everyone!

P.S There are no facial shots with me wearing it because I'm currently in the break-out stage of having started using my Magnitone again but keep an eye out on my Instagram account, it's bound to pop up there soon enough!

Laura x


  1. I thought Kansas City was a cloudy, rainy state. I guess it's nothing compared to Ireland! My bosses' wife is from there and she's very pale. I definitely want to try this sunless tanner! I've gotten sunburned so many times it's just not worth it anymore.

    1. Lol, we are a pasty pale nation of people here. Sunless tanner is always the answer to getting bronzed without the burn. Have a great day! x


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