Well, hello everyone, how have you all been getting on this week so far? Tired, eh? I know I've been napping a lot this past while and that's not like me at all but I'm not really complaining either, they were all so amazing! Once again I'm sharing a few of my favourite things, this time a little bit more random with fashion pieces, a book and a movie, all of which I've really enjoyed and have been entertained by. I also thought to throw in the mix my most favourite post that I recently worked on as it might be something a little different to hear me say. I work so hard on my blog and never give myself any credit but today I'm making a positive little change to that and if you're a blogger I would love for you to link your favourite post that you've created in the comments section below so I can read them too! Go on, don't be shy!


I just can't get enough of stripes in general but when it comes to a shirt that's slightly oversized, I am all over them. New look has been feeding my addiction lately and with that came two brand new striped shirts to style. I'm not a very 'stylish' lady and I prefer my comfortable clothes to heels and cropped tops but that's just me. A casual striped shirt is much more me and allows me to get ready much faster in the morning's. A pair of skinny or boy fit jeans always look good with them and because of the style of the shirt it will take me through every single season, without looking outdated. It really is a classic piece for the wardrobe and it will never go out of style. The quality of these two are lovely and both of them cost just £19.99 each.


This is such a lovely product to use on dry skin. Its creaminess helps to smooth and hydrate the skin and is great to use with a muslin cloth to remove all traces of make-up. It's free from parabens, mineral oils and sodium laureth sulphate, which allows for a better treatment of the skin. It smells amazing and is ridiculously affordable and is something I have grown very fond off. It just feels so good and really does a good job at leaving my skin feeling hydrated rather than tight and dry after cleansing. 


Dove re-formulated and re-packaged their infamous summer glow gradual tan and with that in mind I stayed clear of it for as long as I could. But I kept purchasing up the old formula in panic that I wouldn't like this new one. However, as you will have seen from my recent Spring beauty haul, I took the plunge and picked it up and I'm so glad I did. It's even better than the old formula in my opinion, with the same great natural colour, in new and fabulous packaging that allows for easier dispensing. It's still hydrating but not sticky and it doesn't stink as badly either. Correct me if I'm wrong but there doesn't seem to be any parabens in this new formula either? That, I love. It's the perfect product for a gorgeous glow to take you from spring to summer during those wet and windy days.


I'm always in charity shops picking up books as I go and one of them happened to be 'the woman who went to bed for a year' which happened to be absolutely brilliant. I wasn't so sure at first because I tend to stick with the Authors I know I like but for 95p I couldn't resist a try. It's such a funny book and had my full attention from the first chapter. It's a fantastic book that really made me chuckle and totally got me in the swing of making time to read books again. I think I might have to get another one of her novels because it was so good.


Being pear shaped I really struggle to find jeans that fit me well and that I don't have a huge gap in the waist area with. Either my butt eats up all the denim and the waist hangs, or they're too tight and the inseam loose, I just can't win. However, I've bought two pairs of skinny jeans from H&M recently and both have fit me amazingly well. What I love about a lot of the denim in their stores is that they don't all go by popular sizes such as 6, 8, 10 but by waist measurements like 24, 26, 27 inches and that makes all the difference. The quality is super soft and long lasting and the washing machine hasn't put them out of shape like the New Look ones I bought a few weeks ago. A size 10, high waisted, one wash, now too baggy and awful looking for the price I paid, it was ridiculous and I wish I could've taken them back. I've bought my actual waist size in H&M, washed each pair tons of times and they still fit the same way, and they were much cheaper. I LOVE their denim range and I plan on going back to get a boy fit pair and black skinny version because I desperately need to stop wearing just these two pairs I have lol. 


This was really tough to choose because I've really enjoyed all the posts I've worked on of late and it was kind of a tie between two. However, my recent post on my floral light-up centrepiece probably comes out on top, which you can read here. It wasn't so much the post but the actual thing itself because it's so pretty and girly and a lot of people seemed to really like it. It was definitely something out of my comfort zone but I'm so glad I did it, even if it was silly and simple I really enjoyed working on it and the pictures turned out pretty good as well, which is something every blogger hopes for. 


Something you won't know about me is that I am a HUGE fan of Bollywood films and I watch one every weekend... well, ok sometimes three but that's because I love them so much. Whether it's a full dance or a little two hour drama I find myself hooked on almost every one of them and there's just so much happiness found in them with a lot of life lessons too. This past month I've watched 6 and whilst I would list them all, one has really stood out, that being 'Dum Laga Ke Haisha' which was so funny and quite romantic in the end. I highly recommend it!

These are all the things that have made me happy and I know it was perhaps a little more out there but I think my next one will be more beauty related as I've been sent some amazing products and bought some make-up that's currently on its way to me that I know I'll be talking about here at some point. I didn't want to bore you with too many things so I've really reeled it in and just shared my absolutes rather than things you've already seen me talk about.

But can I also include quickly before you go, the beautiful sunshine waking me up in the morning's, my new obsession for jogging bottoms, coffee cake and the love from my family and your support are also some of my favourite things too. Now you can go... I promise!

Laura x


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