Over the past year or so I've seen the hype around coconut oil become quite an intense, scary obsession and more so with bloggers than anyone else. Coconut water, coconut oil, coconut skincare and coconut haircare, it's everywhere right now and I guess that's just good marketing but I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and truthfully long ago before it was even a 'Thing' 

A few weeks ago I decided to just give it a go and so I purchased a small 200g jar to start with, just in case there was any reactions with my sensitive skin. Biona is a brand I haven't used before but have heard nothing but good reviews as a brand in general and I have to say this oil is so lovely and it smells amazing.

I'm not going to list you all the millions of ways you can use this oil because it's already been done by so many amazing bloggers but I thought I would just give my two cents on it and share with you how I've been getting on with it over the past few weeks.

I'm just going to get right into this post and say I'm absolutely loving it! It's only been a month but I'm totally into it and the amount of stuff you can use it for is crazy!

I have completely eradicated the use of regular, nasty fluoride based toothpaste and I now make my own with baking soda and I absolutely love it and much prefer it. My mouth feels cleaner, teeth are smoother and there's no burning of mint, or bad breath after use.

I don't buy hair or scalp masks but use coconut oil and the difference after just an hour or two of leaving it in is incredible. Talk about volume and shine!

I shave with it rather than my dove body washes and my armpits feel much smoother to the touch.

I use it to remove my make-up and at first my skin wasn't quite sure how to feel about that one but that's down to the flare up of eczema I'm having between my brows and on my cheeks. The first time I used it to remove my make-up my skin itched and was rather irritated so I waited a week and tried again, for some reason that made a difference and I can now use it without a problem. Face make-up, including mascara comes off much more easily and my skin feels lightly hydrated afterwards and just glows.

I don't buy cuticle removers anymore, I just melt coconut oil onto my cuticles with the heat of my hands and use my pusher to tidy things up. I also put it on my feet with spa socks before I sleep to treat my toenails and soles to get them ready for summer. I also take a blob on my hands each night before I hop into bed and massage my hands, before adding my organic hand cream over the top, the difference is amazing. 

It's very lightweight, even lighter than my almond oil, so it's not really good to use as a lipbalm on it's own but mixed with shea butter, it's a winning combo! 

I'm so impressed, it's such a beautiful oil and I'm really loving the whole switch from regular toothpaste to creating my own. It's incredibly lightweight and subtly scented and it reminds me of summer every time I open the jar. I'm just enjoying the process of removing more nasty chemicals from my skin and hair and coconut oil has become my new favourite. As I'm sure you all know by now I adore Sweet Almond oil and won't be without the stuff but I can survive without it if I have to. 

I say pick up a small jar and try it for yourself, I recommend Biona and I will be sticking with this brand just because of the quality of this cold pressed oil. It's organic, there's no synthetics, fragrances or nasties added, it's just pure, luxurious oil and it's just as good as they say it is.

If you had any doubts about trying coconut oil like I did, drop them all and just go for it. Failing that get your hands on Tisserand's cold pressed Almond oil, it's amazing and can be used in the same fashion. 

I hope you liked today's post and found it useful. I like documenting my little experiments here on my blog because it's always fun to look back at and I'm going to start doing it more. Let me know what you think and I'm dying to know, have you too fallen for this coconut oil obsession?

Laura x


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