I am a huge fan of nude lips and I prefer my lipsticks to be matte and lasting for hours on end. So I'm sure you can imagine how excited I was to hear that NYX were launching their lip lingerie, matte liquid lipstick's here in the UK. I could not wait to get my hands on them, I needed them in my life and as soon as I saw the launch on the Boots website, an order happened.

I've never owned a liquid lipstick before but when I saw the amazing colour range on the boots website, I knew I had to try one before I bought every shade and to tell the truth I'm SO glad I did. I know how popular these will be amongst the world of beauty lovers, bloggers and YouTuber's and everyone will be snapping them up, so today, I'm sharing my thoughts with you all before you do.

The colour I chose was this beautiful shade called 'Lace Detail' which is a pink, beige- nude and I think it's absolutely me! It's so perfect for everyday wear and it's totally up my street in terms the colour and application, which is a long, flat wand that smoothes the product on to the lips perfectly even and I much prefer that to a brush which can leaves streaks. It applies just the right amount of product and doesn't drag it around or cause any streaking whatsoever. 

What I really like about the lip lingerie is the texture of the lipstick itself. It's very creamy and has that mousse- like texture, which makes application very smooth. However, that texture is short-lived when after a few seconds it begins to tighten and completely mattify. My lips aren't particularly dry but it completely sucked any moisture or plumpness I had prior to application away. It looked chalky and tight and not very pretty at all.

I decided to remove it right away with some coconut oil because a baby wipe just isn't enough and try a lip balm on underneath and it made all the difference! It still dried matte but my lips didn't look even smaller than what they already are. I also tried a moisturising lipstick underneath it and it helped too but I was still having issues. On the otherhand, the pigmentation of the colour is high quality if you ask me and I really love this shade but I was definitely having a little trouble right from the off.

Fast forward an hour after application the lip lingerie had completely vanished from my lips, without a trace of product left. It didn't feel very comfortable throughout that hour either, it started to ball up around my lips and peel off in clumps, which was not attractive looking at all. However, my cheap little Rimmel lip liner was still in place, it lasted longer than the lipstick and I had a very exaggerated lip line now without any colour on my actual lips. 

Thankfully, I didn't test it on a day when I had important meetings or was at the dentist but was luckily shopping with my Nan instead. I can't imagine what I must've looked lip at the make-up counters in Debenhams though, it must've looked hilarious. I couldn't wait to get in the car and get home to exfoliate my lips because they felt so dry and weird and kind of gross.

So, I love the colour, the whole concept and the fact that NYX are cruelty-free and are trying to bring us more on trend make-up products but for me this just wasn't good enough for £6.50. I'm still trying lots of different things to see if I can make it last and keep using it but ultimately I don't think I would purchase another from this range and that makes me sad because I so wanted to love this product.

If you have any recommendations for liquid lipstick brands that do lots of pretty nudes please let me know because I really love the idea of my lipstick lasting for longer than an hour and not having to touch up throughout the day! I hope you found this little review helpful today and can take my honest opinion knowing I'm genuinely gutted with the lip lingerie's from NYX.

I would love to know if you've tried any and if you've had the same experiences? Could it be just this particular shade? I've heard a few American youtuber's say that some of them are a Hit and a Miss, could I just have gotten a Miss and go ahead with trying another? Let me know in the comments below.

NYX Lip Lingerie 'Lace Detail' 4ml RRP £6.50 Available from Boots

Laura x


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