Luminous, dewy, radiant and glowing, these terms are thrown around like crazy at this time of year and I'm not one to pass up anything that will do any of those glorious things to my skin. When spring comes around a lot of us ditch the heavier make-up and reach for the lighter bases, with a fresher take on our signature looks by adding a cream blush or bright pink lippy. However, this year I'm all about getting that Victoria's secret Angel skin glow and I've found it totally achievable by using just 3 very affordable products from the high street.

I think the most exciting part of this post isn't just the quality of these products but that none of them cost more than £10 each and I know we all love a good highstreet bargain, right? 

Today's spring glow menu contains a starter of an illuminating base, a creamy liquid highlight main and side of mountain dew setting spray, which my dry skinned gals are going to LOVE! So without further ado let me introduce you to my version of the spring glow...

Whilst I know my cruelty free readers won't appreciate the mention of this product, my L'Oreal fans will love to know how this works. This is 20ml of pure, white liquid, pearly glow. I just think of a mermaid's pearl necklace when I use it, it's so beautiful and lightweight. It's silky to apply and one pump is more than enough to cover your entire face. It's the highstreet answer to the infamous MAC strobe cream but is more than affordable and I've been told, works far better. It's great to apply to the tops of your cheek bones, bridge of nose and cupid's bow but you can also mix it in with your foundation for that more ethereal like finish to your foundation or BB cream so you can radiate through the dullest of our spring days.

I think this is my most favourite liquid highlighting product I've ever tried. My jaw literally dropped and almost hit the floor when I saw the beautiful glow on the tops of my cheekbones, it's absolutely amazing! I'm talking #Holygrail status product here and it's just £5.99! It's much thicker than the L'Oreal and more pink pearl than white but I actually prefer it. Being completely honest, if I had to choose between the two, it would be Seventeen every time but I don't categorise these two under the same type of product because the Seventeen is far more pigmented and I prefer it as a highlight than a base. I must applaud Seventeen for this one because the quality is absolutely outstanding. I HIGHLY recommend it. It will be your new best friend and your cheeks will have that beautiful angelic glow that even the Greek gods would be envious off.

I was a bit shocked at how small the bottle was when it first arrived in the post, being just 60ml. However, it really works! If you're anything like me and no matter what you do with your make-up you're never dewy enough, this spray is fabulous. It feels very hydrating, yet lightweight and the glow is REAL people. I couldn't believe how shiny I was and it took me back to the days as a teen when I was really oily but not to that extent, thankfully. It has no weird smell or cling-film texture, it's just dew from the flowers in the mountain valleys in a bottle and it's totally worth the expense, even for this tiny bottle! I AM OBSESSED with it and I do my best to only use it when I know it's going to be a lonnnng day or have an important event, like shopping. HAHA I joke but seriously though, this is good stuff and it's cruelty-free!

By the end of this threesome you will be more radiant than the spring sun itself, which is never actually that difficult really when you live in the UK. Spring is not our best time of the year but at least our make-up can be. It's a great time to change up our hair, make-up and wardrobe, in spring everything feels fresher and brighter and you certainly will do after using these products.

Those of you with a drier skin type will hopefully appreciate this post as much as I appreciate discovering these beauties. I know the struggle to keep your make-up on but stay hydrated and set things in place, so I hope you've gotten maybe a few ideas for some new products to try this season.

Regardless of skin type, I really hope you all enjoyed today's post and have found that you can have a very affordable spring glow this year without the need to splurge. Don't forget to leave me a comment telling me your must-have spring products, even if it's a pink lippy or shimmering bronzer as I would love to know! Now go and get your glow on and I'll meet you all in heaven with our angelic, spring looks.

Laura x 


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