I desperately needed to replace my blush and powder make-up brushes. Cracked handles and splayed hairs, I'd used the heck out of those things and It wasn't improving my make-up application in any way, shape or form. 

If you read my recent Superdrug Haul post then you will have seen that B. had a 1/3 off all their make-up brushes and cleanser, which I knew I had to have and honestly, the offer just convinced me even more so than what I was already.

B. is a brand exclusive to Superdrug and all of their products are cruelty free and Vegan friendly, which is absolutely amazing. I think the best part is that most of their products are actually quite affordable and I love saving a few pennies and getting the best of deals, as I'm sure you all do too!

B. BRUSH CLEANSER RRP £4.99 (Offer £3.39)

I've been needing a proper brush cleanser since the dawn of time and I never knew which brand to try but with this great offer, I didn't need any other reason to not try it. 

First thing I noticed was that there was absolute no need for any water and this made me very excited, the thought of a deep brush cleaning with water 23/7 drives me crazy but it's what I've been doing, since forever. Secondly it comes in a handy spray pump bottle, which is always convenient for the lazy gal.

A few spritzes of this directly onto your brush bristles and a few buffs of it around on a few pieces of kitchen towel and they were totally clean. The thing that amazed me most was how quickly they dried and were ready for use, that's something I'm not used to at all. 

My brushes were so soft and fluffy afterwards and it felt so good to have decent make-up brushes to use once more. There was no funky smell or left over residue, it had completely evaporated but didn't leave my brushes dry and coarse. I've actually heard it's better than the MAC brush cleanser and that's saying a lot. If you're searching for a new affordable, easily accessible brush cleanser and are tired of using Dr Bronners and water then I highly recommend it!

BLUSH + CONTOUR BRUSH RRP £8.99 (Offer £5.99)

Slightly angled and small enough to fit both in the hollow of my cheeks as well as apply blusher without covering the entire side of my face, the blusher/contour brush is perfect for me.

It's ridiculously soft and blends make-up softly into the skin without disrupting my base products. The handle is quite long and the hairs allow you to see when they need a good clean, which is always handy. The hairs are made with a synthetic type of taklon, which we see being used more and more in the making of make-up brushes but is a much more affordable and of course cruelty-free option that a lot of us would prefer.

I think this brush is well made and I can honestly say I prefer to my Real techniques Blush or stippling make-up brushes. It's much softer and as I say, blends my make-up softly and doesn't apply too much because it's not very condensed but a bit more flimsy, though not sparse in any way, it's just a really well made brush and I absolutely lurrrrve it! 

POWDER BRUSH RRP £9.99 (Offer £6.66) 

I love using bronzer and my powder brush was seriously on it's last legs, I had to hold the ferrule onto the handle to use it, it was hilarious. I desperately needed a new one and I couldn't wait for this brush to arrive in the post.

Again, the first thing I noticed was just how soft the bristles were and how gentle it was on my skin. I love getting new make-up brushes and it's not often that I treat myself to them. I cannot tell you how good it feels to be able to not have to hold the brush together each time I use it, though my hand keeps naturally trying to. 

The bristles aren't so condensed together where it might apply too much product but it has for me, just the right amount to apply and it blends everything to look natural instead of streaked. It's much bigger than I thought it would be but I'm so happy because it's perfect for bronzing up my face.

I would absolutely recommend this brush too, I guess this whole post is full of products that I'm very happy with because of the quality and affordability, even at full price! They are all so soft and yet blend make-up perfectly. The brush cleanser is a new experience for me but one I think makes a huge difference and I'm really enjoying using during the week for a quick spruce up. 

I'm really impressed with the B. brand in general and as I said in my Superdrug haul, I will be looking into getting more of their brushes and perhaps some make-up products too. I really hope you liked today's post, let me know if you've tried any B products and if you could only purchase one thing form this blopost what would it be and why? Have a lovely day all!

B. Brushes + Cleanser are all available from Superdrug 

Laura x


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