I'm too excited for spring! I cannot wait to ditch the oversized parka's and tights and get into my ripped jeans and bomber jackets. Winter is far too long in this country and it's time to celebrate a new season, new goals and of course a new hairdo or two.

Over the past few weeks I have been testing lots of new products, reading new books and styling myself a little more spring appropriate and I thought I'd share with you all today some of the standout products from beauty to fashion that I just can't get enough off. Everyone really seemed to like my last post that featured my gorgeous OUTLANDISH pink nike trainers, which if you haven't, can read over here. I quite enjoy creating these little posts every now and again rather than every month, it's fun to share! So without further ado, here are a few of my favourite things take 2...

I'm not blind, yet, thankfully, but last month I got some new reading glasses and I absolutely love them. I've always been a fan of the tortoise shell print but never thought it would suit me and so I always avoided it but this time round I took the plunge and I'm so glad I did. I've been wearing them non-stop, they're just so snazzy!

Rimmel have always been a favourite brand of mine, simply because of their affordability and decent quality products. Over the past month or two I've fallen in love with the 60 seconds nail polish range and my nude nail obsession is very real right now. I've got the shades 'Let's get nude' and 'Sand and deliver' and I just keep on waiting for my nails to chip and then I apply the other colour. I've basically been bouncing from one shade to the other and without using anything else. Flattering shades, subtly chic and totally affordable at just £2.99 each, what's not to like? 

L'Oreal are a brand that I keep trying to pull myself away from but the products just keep winning me over. I've spent the past few weeks practicing dutch braids, french braids and all kinds of crazy hairstyles and none of it would've been achievable without the gentle grip of this amazing texture spray. It smells good, doesn't leave your hair stiff and rigid but allows a brush to go through, whilst still holding your style in place. It's my secret to getting the perfect dutch braid, SO GOOD! 

O how I love max factor mascara's! They hold my stick straight, long lashes in a curl for longer than any other brand I've tried in the past. The formula is uber black and combs each lash individually without scratching or irritating my eyeballs. It's such a good mascara and it's served me well these past few weeks. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Truth be told I'd had my eye on these boots for quite some time before I bought them but I'm so glad I waited because I got them in the latest new look sales for just, wait for it... £11!!! Can you actually believe the beauty of these boots cost just over £10. I love the taupe suede shade for springtime and the heel is just perfect for me to feel glam without overdoing it and not actually being able to walk. The quality is so good and I'm so happy they're mine, ALL MINE, mwahahahah! See a better picture of them here!

Everybody hates cleaning their make-up brushes but it's a task we must all face at the end of the day. Having the right products always helps and this month I've been grabbing nothing else but the B. brand brush cleanser. The best part is I'm cleaning my brushes 2x a week now instead of one and that's because they don't take a full night to dry out, literally a few minutes and we're good to go for our next make-up application episode. What a brilliant buy this was and it's cruelty free, HURRAH! 

I fell head over heels in love with this beauty after first swatch. Everything is buttery smooth to apply, with perfect pigmentation and longevity. The highlight is BEAUTIFUL and the contour is as warm as I like it. The blush shades are so gorgeous and remind of that infamous Nars blush shade and a Bobbi brown colour I used to have and can't remember the name of, sowy! I am obsessed with this palette and I can't believe the quality. It's the one product I haven't stopped using since I got it and I totes blame baby sis and her blog post convincing me I needed it. Now I'm going to tell you too, YOU NEED THIS PALETTE IN YOUR LIFE! 

It's free from basically every single toxic chemical on the planet known to man/women and it smells absolutely beautiful. This Sukin organic cleanser has been my go-to for a morning cleanse and I can honestly say it's one of my absolute favourite things to use on my face. It's so gentle on sensitive skin and really helps perk up your skin and adds a kind of glow, which I just love! I'm all about the glow people! It has a gel texture that comes in a handy pump for dispensing and it leaves skin soothed, less red and feeling very refreshed and clean. I highly recommend it!


I've only used it twice but I really like it! This is the first liquid tan I've ever used and it was quite an experience the first time round because of it's water-like flow, I kind of went a bit mental with it and ended up with very dark feet. However, the second time round was perfectly even, a bit of practice makes all the difference. It's so lightweight and it spreads around and blends with complete ease, which means it's very hydrating, which makes it perfect drier skin types like mine. I absolutely love the colour it gives and the best part is that it's paraben and alcohol free and the DHA is completely natural too!

SO tell me the goss, what was your stand out product last month and what will it be this time round? 

Laura x 


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