You remember my Boots haul where I said I'd sort of taken a break from using Superdrug and was much preferring boots over the past few weeks? Well, boy am I eating my words today because I ordered this lot shortly after having written that one and I got some Ah-mazing bargains to add insult to injury.
I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Superdrug to tell the truth and I can't pass the shop without going in for a nosey to see what's on offer and since I couldn't get to one, I decided to have a little looksy online. Once I saw the B. Brushes were on offer, I knew what was going to happen and so 4 days later, my order arrived at my doorstep and I don't think it would be fair to not blog about it.


I'm never without a few bottles of  these beauties in my bathroom. I can't go without them and have used them for absolute years without change. The make your skin so silky soft, eradicate the need for shaving foam and allow me to skip moisturising first thing in the mornings when I'm just too tired. This time round I picked up Shea butter and Almond with hibiscus, YUM!


After having purchased the shampoo and tested it with great results, I knew I had to get the conditioner to make it a team. It really lifts off dry shampoo and oils but doesn't leave me with dry frizzy ends. I don't believe in the whole idea that one product can balance out your hair, it doesn't have a brain to do that but it's such a lovely product that makes my hair smell gorgeous and helps with volume. The conditioner I'm hoping will do just the same!


My eczema has been seriously misbehaving lately and I blame it on a combination of our weird January/February weather and the work that's being done to the house. I haven't had such a flare up like this one in a long time and Aveeno is the only thing that helps soothe the burn, itching and redness. I cannot be without a tube of this stuff, it's an absolute lifesaver.

B. MAKEUP BRUSH CLEANSER £4.99 (Offer £3.32)

I've never actually owned a proper brush cleanser and it was about time I spent a few extra pennies to get one. B brush cleanser was on offer for just £3 and I was so excited to try it because it's cruelty free, vegan and doesn't require any water! After first use, I can say happily that it cleaned my brushes amazingly well and they are all so soft and fluffy. I highly recommend it and the reviews on the website all stand true!


I basically needed a new voluminous hair mousse and decided to try something else instead of my usual Pantene. It seems to do the job well enough so far but I think I'm missing my usual. Let me know if you have any recommendations for other brands, especially cruelty free ones!

B. BLUSHER + CONTOUR BRUSH £8.99 (Offer £5.99)

I desperately needed to replace my real techniques stippling brush as it was looking a little worse for wear. However, I didn't see the need for another one because it was too rough and it only worked best with cream blushes and bronzers so I opted for an angled, fluffier brush from B. instead and I'm so happy I did. It's so soft and is amazing for contouring and blending blush softly across the cheeks. The amazing part is that the whole of the B. brand is cruelty free and vegan and so I can work on changing my products and more brushes over to this range. I am seriously so impressed by this brush and the next one was even better!

B. POWDER BRUSH £9.99 (Offer £6.66)

I decided to get the powder brush with bronzing in mind rather than setting my make-up in place with it. I prefer a smaller, flatter brush for powdering, since I have dry skin it doesn't need setting everywhere. However, for bronzing, this brush is truly perfect and ridiculously soft. I absolutely love it and it's so easy to clean, especially with B.'s brush cleanser. I will definitely be looking into getting perhaps a brush or two more from this range as I think they're fantastic quality. Have a look at the supedrug website now whilst there's a 1/3 off all B. brushes and snap up one if you can!


Whilst I may not have ordered this online, I really wanted to but I couldn't find it on the site. So when I was at the opticians a few days ago, I popped into a Gordon's chemist and found it on offer for around £2. I desperately needed a new texture spray for my wavy, beachy hair days and this one fitted the bill perfectly. So far so good and it smells so fresh and lovely for spring, it definitely helps hold my usually soft, curly locks for longer but without a crunchy, clumped look or feel. Cheers L'Oreal! I'm impressed!

TOTAL SPENDING £27.74-ISH (I'm not so sure about the Texture Spray Price) but I got a free cute little mirror for my travels after ordering this stuff online, which is actually pretty awesome when it comes to maintaining ze hairy brows.

I think I did really well considering there was make-up brushes bought and usually they cost a lot more from other brands. I'm so happy with everything I got and even prouder I managed to avoid spending money on make-up that I desperately need to top up. I just ran out of powder and concealer and I'm going a little nutty without them, so perhaps that'll be next on the shopping hauls. 

Let me know if you like these beauty haul style posts because I actually really enjoy creating them. My bank account is putting more purchases on hold but I will have a clothing haul, or at least an outfit post coming up soon as I've been getting my wardrobe a little bit more spring ready over the past month or two.  Have a lovely day and don't forget to tell me what your most recent stand out beauty purchases have been and if you think I should try them!

Laura x


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