Since learning about concealing dark eye circles the professional way from a few talented make-up artists on Youtube, namely Wayne Goss, years ago. I have fallen in love with correctors and concealers and my search for affordable, yet high performing products never ends. NYX is my latest test subject and came shortly after realising I was seriously running out of my beloved Bobbi Brown corrector in 'light bisque'

NYX is a cruelty free brand, which I'm absolutely loving and I've started buying more products from and more recently, the HD concealer and I have to say, it's a really good affordable drugstore option for those on a tighter budget, much like myself.

I haven't heard much about this particular colour correcting product in the beauty blogging world but I was excited to see how the coverage would fare and if it would become my new staple corrector, saving me quite a few pounds every few months.

At just £6.50 NYX have created their own version of a correcting concealer with a more orange pigment than my usual salmon pink but it works extremely well. The texture is definitely thinner and creamier than my usual Bobbi Brown and sits perhaps a little less cakey on the old fine lines. 

The colour works fantastically well to my surprise and doesn't sit bright orange as you might fear it would but is much more of a subtle peach and with that, can be worn alone.

It brightens up the entirety of my under eyes and covers my dark inner corners well enough, but I still need a touch of concealer over the top to get my desired coverage. 

Now, here's the thing, thicker concealers are a big no no with this product but thinner, more liquid versions work best. I found with a more heavy duty concealer, my fine lines stood out a lot more and aged me by about 10 years but with thinner, more fluid consistencies, it enhanced the effect of the corrector and gave a much more natural finish.

If you don't have such dark circles as I do, then you could get away with wearing the product on it's own but for others like myself a concealer will still be required. 

I have the shade Fair and it's perfect for my pale skin and even when I'm tanned and that's how you know it's a good corrector. However, there are several options ranging from Porcelain all the way up for darker skin tones, which is just amazing for a highstreet brand.

It lasts really well throughout the day but I do have dry skin, oiler skins may not appreciate the hydration from the product but I certainly need it and it makes all the difference. 

Overall I think it's actually really good and I haven't stopped using it but I do feel a bit bare without any corrector under my eyes, they make such a noticeable difference to my overall appearance and confidence. I highly recommend giving this one a whirl if you're searching for a new, certainly more affordable corrector and suffer with dark circles like me, I promise you won't be disappointed!

NYX Dark Circle Concealer 'Fair' Available from Boots RRP £6.50

Laura x


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