It's been a while since I last shared a little shopping post and I think it's high time for one. The only problem is, I'm starting to go through a phase of preferring Boots to Superdrug again as the offers they've been putting out lately are just great, especially when you can't go crazy and spend a fortune, as much as I'd like too!

I love a good nosey to see what others are buying, as I've said many times before and I thought I'd share my little shopping trip with you all today, whilst reviewing some of the products as I go. Links are all in there too in case you want to pick up any of the things yourself! 

A basic life essential product that I hate running out of and love for messy buns and a refresher after a long day. I love the floral scent and is it just me or have they redesigned the packaging? Looks nice anyways and if it works, I really don't mind what it looks like.

L'OREAL LUMI MAGIQUE PRIMER £9.99 or any 2 for £12

After years of hearing one of my favourite YouTuber's Rosanna Pierce rave about how good this primer is, I finally gave in and got myself one, though, I probably wouldn't have bothered if there wasn't the two for £12 offer. However, I'm really glad I did because it adds a beautiful glow to drier skin types and doesn't leave a heavy residue on the skin. I've been mixing it in with my foundations and moisturisers and so far I love it and the effect it gives.

L'OREAL INFALLIABLE 24HR FOUNDATION £9.99 or any 2 for £12

Some of the claims on our beauty products are just insanely stupid but fortunately the quality of this foundation outweighs its claims and I love how it covers skin. It can cling a little bit to drier patches but with some extra moisturiser and a primer I can turn it into a really good makeup base. I have two shades 'Porcelain' being the lightest and 'Golden beige' the third shade in the range for my self- tanned days. For amazing coverage, apply it with a flat top kabuki and a more natural finish, with a beauty blender.

After running out of my beloved Bobbi Brown concealer, I got a bit bored and decided to try something new and after searching high and low I came across NYX dark circle concealer and decided to give it a try. It's actually really good and as 26 year old woman with fine lines from smiling all the time (nothing to do with age at all) it sits really well and brightens up my under eyes perfectly. I use a brush for maximum coverage and my fingers for a natural touch, either way it's a really great affordable alternative to the higher end corrector concealers out there.

I've finally jumped on the bandwagon of the coconut oil obsession and yes, I do love it. Biona coconut oil was the only one I could find in stock online but it's a really lovely formula and it's organic (or so it claims) I've been using it to brush my teeth, treat my scalp, moisturise, shave and treat scarring but I daren't go near my eczema with it, as it's too sensitive and reacts badly too it. I can't believe how affordable it is and how much I use it for, though truthfully it cannot, nor will ever replace my passion and love for Sweet almond oil, It's just the best!

I can't be without these fabulous sponges in my makeup bag, they do wonders for your makeup and dry skin sufferers will appreciate the smoothness and easy blending of foundation and concealer. They absorb less foundation than any other sponge I've ever tried and they're also latex free. I'm so glad to have finally got a new one, my last one was looking a bit worse for wear. But at last, I can be happy again with my makeup application because not having one of these around is the worst feeling in the world, they are absolutely incredible if you ask me. If you want to know more about any of the other sponges in the range then read my post all about them here.

Absolutely love it! Before I got using the coconut oil I'd had a reaction to a different shampoo and my scalp was red, itchy and even flaky but after the first 1-2 uses it completely soothed it all away and I don't have any problems at all. I think the coconut oil masks helped massively but this shampoo definitely made a difference and my hair feels more voluminous and balanced than it had before. I get greasy roots and drier ends naturally and this shampoo definitely does what it claims. It smells so lovely too, a little bit like head and shoulders with perhaps a more feminine touch. 

TOTAL SPENDING £39.86 (except I picked most of these up on offers and deals at the time so really I saved about £6, not bad eh?)

I will have a few different reviews coming up individually on these products over the coming weeks, especially the foundation and NYX concealer, so keep an eye out for those. 

I hope you enjoyed today's little post, let me know what you've picked up recently that you can't get enough off and which drugstore you're preferring for all your beauty needs, Boots or Superdrug?

Have a lovely day,

Laura x


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