A new year, new post and new blog design, all very exciting and something I've been really looking forwards to seeing come to fruition over the past several weeks. I've made quite a few changes to my site since I last blogged and some decisions to expand my topic range because I love writing that much. But before I get into all that I wanted to look back over my work throughout 2015 and recap on what my most read and loved posts were.

 I was actually surprised by my findings because some of these posts were last minute ideas that had multiple spelling errors and almost all of them were PR samples and I expected people to hate that but I guess we all don't mind it too much as long as the honesty is there? I don't know but before I continue to ramble on here are my top 5, starting from the bottom.


Back in April I was kindly sent a bottle of the Sebamed cleansing foam to try for my acne and to review here on my website. Apparently you guys really loved reading this one and I really did love working with this brand because the team behind it were so lovely and helpful. Despite my unhappy results they continued to work with me and a few weeks later sent me out a gift pack of other things from the sebamed range to try with no strings attached. It's definitely a range to check out if you've got acne or oily proned skin, there's some really great quality and affordable products from the range. You can read my full review here!


I loved working on this post so much and it was evidently my most read and talked about self tanner review of 2015. I actually reviewed quite a few tans but secretly this was my most favourite one of the lot because of how amazing my results were and how affordable the product itself was. It ticked all the boxes for me and the team were so lovely and supportive. It's an excellent tanning product and if you haven't tried it yet then I suggest you read my review and go buy a bottle. Full review here!


I cringe looking back at how badly inflamed my skin was then and the photo's I took of the product were a bit dull looking but you all loved the review and Maybelline themselves contacted me thanking me for it, which was just crazy! Again, I was surprised to find you liked this one the best, considering the fact that I had reviewed others with far better quality writing and pictures but I guess we don't mind a little rawness and imperfections in posts as it makes things a bit more relatable? Anyway I'm happy I could help and I'm glad you liked the post regardless. Read the full post here!


Now this I can understand because everyone is constantly searching for the best tools for the most flawless makeup application and barely cosmetics are absolutely amazing quality for such a great price. The creator of Barely Cosmetics is so lovely and such a genuine and hard working woman that I couldn't pass up the opportunity to work with her. I loved working on this post and I loved the products even more, even now I can't be without these fabulous sponges. If you haven't already, you need to rid of your beauty blenders and go with these amazing and far better quality sponges. Full post here!


I had no intentions of making this one a popular post, I had just learnt so much about acne over the years and what products worked best for me, whether new or old. I loved writing all of it and there was so much information I wanted to share I totally ignored all the rules about keeping things short, sweet and to the point and I don't regret it at all. It's all about being gentle and effective with your routine to help you back to confidence in your own skin and obviously you all loved this post as it comes in my most read review of the year. Read full post here!

Being totally honest I really threw myself into beauty blogging last year and I absolutely loved it, my personal life required me to step away a few times and made me question blogging altogether and I almost gave up in the end but after some time away, a telling off from friends and family, as well as typing up this little year in review post; it's all helped me to realise how much I love it and how awesome a year of blogging I actually had.

Which reminds me, thank you so much for all of your help and support and although I'm still a tiny little dot in the blogging world I really appreciate everyone taking the time to read my posts and leave me feedback both here and on my twitter. I also appreciate every gift, sample and support from the brands I worked with this year, you were all so generous and I can't thank you enough! I look forwards to collaborating with a lot more brands and writing lots of new and different material here on LankyLaurasWay.

Now here's to another crazy year of blogging in 2016 and if you're just starting out I wish you the best of luck with it! Enjoy it and don't take it too seriously and if you need any help at all feel free to drop me an email. Happy New Year one and all! 

Love, Laura x 


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