As I go on another early morning walk and take in the view in front of my camera lens, I begin to think about life, how grateful I am to be alive and how blessed I am to be able to experience it every single day and after that realisation, I knew I had to write a post about being positive and how important it is to practice it every single day.
Let's be real and honest here, the practice of positivity requires a lifetime commitment and a lot of hard work. It's not something that just happens overnight and it's still something I have to work on every single day and truthfully is something I will have to work on for the rest of my life. Today I want to share a little bit more about me and the changes that brought about a more peaceful and positive thinking mind-set. I want to share my tips on how to begin, how to keep on going with it and the discoveries you'll make along the way.

A Quick Disclosure + My Experience

I am by no means perfect or even close to it and I am not here to preach or make you feel guilty for how you live your life. I just want to try and help others and even encourage myself to keep going. I don't want to be negative even if my surroundings are and I want to make a change that will keep me going throughout life with a happier state of mind, don't you?

The first thing you will become aware of when you switch your mind into this new ideology of looking for the good, is just how negative and dark your thoughts can be. You will learn so much about yourself, how your mind works and processes everyday life. I couldn't believe how much programming of negativity I had locked inside me, like a slow decay, my mind was rotting away and it was like waking from a nightmare once I became aware of how my mind was thinking and working.

Living with anxiety and panic disorder naturally creates a deep thinking mind but what it also creates is a never ending storm of negativity. I had built a wall up of negativity around myself and everything on the other side was good but I couldn't reach it. I was in complete darkness and I could see the light coming through the brick but that was as far as it would come, or as much positivity I could feel. This is pretty emotional to type because this is the first I've been able to describe how I actually felt, how things had been in my mind for such a long time and I know I'm not alone. You my friend, are not alone either.

That's why practicing positivity is so important to do every single day because if I don't and you don't, we can very easily slip back into old habits and I don't know about you but I certainly don't want to build the walls even higher, not when I've come this far and I'm knocking it down one brick at a time.

Being positive doesn't mean you have your head in the clouds all the time, it means you are accepting of how things are around you but choose to be optimistic and are seeking the good in every day. It's not something that is going to inhibit you but rather help give you back the joy in living life.

1. De-Clutter

My advice to anyone who wants a better life and start to this amazing journey is to have a clear out and a good de-clutter. Use a daily planner or a notepad and get jotting down all of your thoughts, emotions and plans and work your way through everything you've experienced or are experiencing. Some of the things troubling you will be easier to deal with once it's on paper and you can rid of right away with the sudden realisation of how ridiculous some of those things were. Others will naturally take a lot longer to deal with, especially if it's much more serious than what you will wear to work the next day.
2. Remind Yourself 

You have to remind yourself every single day to look out for any positive thing that could be around you. It's kind of like setting an alarm clock in your mind for when you waken in the mornings, you have to set your mind and decide that you will be positive as much as you can and that you will do your best to deal with the negative situations that will inevitably crop up. Whether at home, work, college or school there will always be some negativity to deal with and that you might not be able to escape but you can deal with it differently. Train your mind to look for the good, from the moment you wake to the last second of the day when you rest your head on that pillow, constantly remind yourself to be positive.

3. Take it One day at a time

When you decide to learn a new skill, like how to play a new instrument, you start with the basics. You learn how to hold it correctly, the notes and how to play them and then you gradually work your way to a higher grade/level but even the basics take time. It's the same thing with positivity it's going to take time, even with the starting point because you've a lot of de-cluttering to do first of all. Practicing this will also really help with the negative thoughts because you're not looking so far ahead but concentrating on the present. Obviously if you have appointments or last minute plans that require you to look ahead then by all means do what you have to do but don't forget to keep on living that day and remind yourself to enjoy the present.

4. Surround Yourself with the good

This is not the easiest task to do, especially if you live and work in a very negative environment, or are going through something that's quite honestly heart breaking. I come from a society where people are full of hatred for one another and racism is so apparent that it can be easy for me to feel that negative power in my life but I have made the choice to work on erasing those terrible things in my world and I surround myself with as much happiness and goodness as I can. 
Books, YouTube videos, yoga, going for walks and trying something new all helps. Surround yourself with good people, friends and family and if you can't do that, then throw yourself into your passions and dreams and let them become your entire focus. Another great tip is to find all of your favourite inspiring quotes and put them into pretty frames all around your house or bedroom as constant reminders to help you along the way.

5. Think on it

Whatever good thing, no matter how small or big they might be focus your entire mind on them. Your love for your friends and family, your job, hobbies, passions and future events and holidays that might just happen. A compliment from a stranger, a smile from you mum and dad or a hug from your partner, these are all good things to think on and it makes you feel so much better in any given moment of the day. Whatever good thing it is that makes you happy in life let it be your motivation for the day and live that day with enjoyment from those things knowing that you're already being positive.
6. Start Right Now

So many people wait until the "perfect" moment to try and start thinking a little bit more positively. But, why wait? Why put off something that could impact your life in a massive way, or even others around you? Start right now and keep trying, never giving up. It does amazing things for you and your life because it doesn't just benefit you but also relationships with friends and family, as well as the environment around you.

We're all guilty of negativity, it's not something we can always avoid or not be. Life can be very cruel to us and it's not always possible to see the rainbows and butterflies but when you're out of the woods and still complaining, you need to check in with yourself and work out how to change your negative mind set and see the good around you.

I know this was a long post and I honestly could've said so much more, probably written a book because I've learnt so much and I'm gaining more and more knowledge as time goes on. I'm learning about balance and the strengths I have in controlling my emotions in every situation. 

Negativity is inescapable and it's up to us to choose to focus on any little good we see, feel or receive from others around us. As adults we deal with things, we don't run away from them and facing your own mind can be quite the challenge but the sooner you start working on it the better.

Laura x


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