I've heard about micellar water being used to remove makeup for absolute years now, the more popular branding of them all being Bioderma, which truly is a beautiful product that I really liked using. However, almost every brand on the market now has created their own version, the most important part of this trend coming straight from the drugstore/highstreet, which means affordability and easy access for the common man.

I had previously tried the Garnier micellar cleansing water that comes in the pink bottle but found my skin reacted quite badly and got the most painful spots I could possibly get within 12 hours of use. I gave up after just two uses of that product due to the severity of my reactive skin. You're probably asking why I would bother to try another? Don't they all contain the same ingredients and do the same thing? I would ask the same questions and in fact I did but upon some research I found there to be some differences and I had high hopes for better results with this particular one!

This micellar water is for combination and sensitive skin types, a category which I  could only half fall in to. My skin is actually very dry but extremely sensitive and reactive a lot of the time, so I wanted to see if I could indeed use this particular bottle and forget about the worry of pending breakouts. I also just ran out of my Nivea eye makeup remover, which I adore but go through so quickly that I had hopes to replace it with this product instead.

The Ingredients within the comb/sensitive skin are as follows - Aqua, hexylene glycol, glycerin, alcohol denat, poloxamer 184, polyaminopropyl biguanide, disodium cocoamphodiacete, disodium EDTA - Basically a bunch of rather strangely lab named chemicals, which you can learn about through this awesome site if interested. However when compared to the Dry/sensitive skin bottle (pink cap) it contains the exact same ingredients, well, all but one.

The main difference between the two is that the pink capped contains Alcohol denatured, whereas the green capped (my new one) doesn't and that's it. When researched alcohol denatured is linked to causing acne breakouts and of course a bunch of other harmful things. I was quite shocked to discover that this was the only difference but made sense as to why my skin has not reacted to the combination/sensitive skin cleansing water. I've been loving using this to remove the top layer of my makeup instead of my usual baby wipe method. It feels extremely cooling, gentle and non irritating but the best part is definitely not having painful acne spots as I did with the original bottle.

It removes my waterproof makeup really well and whilst I am left with a little bit of black liner between my lashes after cleansing, it took off most of my heavy duty eye makeup at the end of the day and I totally love the fact that it's paraben free!

So if you broke out or had any sensitivity with the pink bottle of Garnier micellar cleansing water, perhaps give this one a try instead. Always do your research people and take your time to find products that will work for you. I am so delighted to be able to understand why my skin reacted like it did and how much better it is in comparison to the original. I really like this water and think it does a great job at removing my makeup and it doesn't seem to dry out my skin or cause any redness and so I give it a huge thumbs up!

If you would like know any more about alcohol denatured being related to causing acne breakouts then I will link some sites for you to read below. I really hope you enjoyed this review and comparison post as much as I did researching this information and typing it all up for you to read today. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comment section below! Have a fabulous week!
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Comb/Sensitive Skin £4-99 Available From Superdrug


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