Another year, another chance to start afresh and begin planning all our dreams and aspirations for the next 365 days. But why do we always feel the need to wait until the beginning of a new year or season instead of acting upon our plans right now, no matter the day, time, or place? 

Perhaps it's the exciting buzz of planning, totally hyping ourselves up and putting too much focus on it rather than the action itself and then when it comes to it, our fears, perhaps laziness and pressures becomes all too much and we give up before we've even started. The thing is, we have to train our minds to think positively, to be resilient and to face our fears, we can't give up on everything and take the easy route and that's something we have to decide before we even begin, ask yourself can you commit?

Challenging ourselves is how we grow and I'm not talking about putting yourself in danger or doing something drastic just to say you did it but really being prepared as best as possible and being ready to just go for it. Facing those fears we have time and time again might not get any easier but it allows us to say that we overcame them and we faced them down like the true courageous lions we are or that we can be.

I'm a total planner, I like to know what I'm doing, even read how I'm feeling of a piece of paper. I constantly make notes and appointments in my diary but my fears sometimes get in the way of my freedom of living life, as I know it does for a lot of others. But you can't give up on your future goals or dreams, you can make them a reality but it's going to take a whole lot of dedication, commitment and time. I personally have set two major goals for myself this new year and I'm petrified, but I have a plan that I need to see out before I can achieve both of these goals. I have to be realistic with myself and I know I'm making a wise decision. My head tells me I won't be able to do it but my heart and guts tell me I can and I will. I guess I'm a very stubborn person and that makes me determined and focused and even more so now that I'm older (a whole 26). A lot has happened in my life and it's taught me a lot about fears and life in general and it's shaped my whole character but I refuse to stop dreaming or making plans for my future, especially for this new year.

Whether or not you have made plans, this new year will probably create some unexpectedly for you. It's inevitable, life throws lemons, we make the lemonade or if you're me, lemon drizzle cake. Be sure that no matter what takes place that you remember you're not alone and that you can and will get through it. I don't mean to be so patronising either. I used to hate all this talk of positivity, airy fairy, wishy washy nonsense when I was younger, it used to drive me mad that people in a good place with financial security and an amazing career and a full wardrobe of clothes would try to tell me to be positive when they hadn't a clue about anything I was going through. But one or two people in particular really helped me to see being positive in a different light and it doesn't have to be so pretentious.

My point is really for you to get inspired, surround yourself with good people, books on positivity, overcoming fears and watch YouTube videos too. Begin the practice of positivity and teach your mind how to deal with things instead of running away or being negative about your dreams and future goals. Positivity is a wonderful thing and I have a post coming up soon all about it because it has really helped me and so I want to be able to help you but for now in this moment, just quieten those fears in your head, tune out and be excited for your dreams and aspirations this year. It's ok, you're allowed too!

So if you're at a new years dinner party or at home in your pyjamas, completely excited or filled with dread, this is a new year for you to do great things, to overcome and to not give up on yourself. But remember, don't focus too much on your plans but your actions to get you to the place you want or need to be. Constantly remind yourself why you're doing it, and just imagine the end goal should it take the entire year or longer it doesn't matter, stand up and get going friends.

I wish everyone a fantastic 2016 and success with all of your plans and ideas because I think it takes a lot of courage to want to do something different and make a better life for yourself, no matter how big or how little those plans may be.

Happy New Year!

Laura x


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