Shockingly bold, bright and fun to play with, the electric kisses lipsticks come in a giftset of 4 outlandish colours, that perhaps girls like me, who love their neutrals, wouldn't normally reach for but will for Halloween if nothing else. Vibrant and unusual coloured lipsticks are something you definitely want to have in your make-up collection no matter the time of year, you can almost always find an occasion where you need them.
The Flashmob electric kisses lipsticks are smooth to apply and don't leave lips feeling dry but some of the shades are much more pigmented than the others, however, the packaging is just so cute and very comic like and I absolutely love it. They definitely stand out and the names of the shades just really add to the fun side and show flashmob's passion for bright colours.



A bright coral orange, that's glossy in finish and could actually be worn aside from dress up parties. It's not something that's too extreme to wear with an everyday make-up look but would certainly add a bit of fun to your look

A gorgeous, bright fuchsia shade which is probably the most pigmented of the lot and comes as my second favourite from the range.


My most favourite shade from the collection by far. It's such an unusual Lavender colour and no I don't suit it but it's such a fabulous colour.


This is the barely there shade, the least pigmented colour from the group but is a very subtle shimmering baby pink that could be paired with even your most natural of make-up looks.

 Overall the quality isn't fantastic but without a doubt are fun to play with and I will definitely be using them to create my blogpost for my Halloween look but you could keep these for music festivals in the New Year over the summer. If you have kids, then these will be perfect for the one off occasions when the birthday parties, fancy dress and little talent shows require a little fun coloured make-up to add to the outfit.
Flashmob Cosmetics have such a wide range of fabulous brightly coloured make-up products and brushes which you can buy straight from the website or Amazon. Even if you're not a fan of these lipsticks I would urge you to look at the liquid liners, mascaras and nail polishes because they are absolutely amazing. I cannot wait to create a make-up look using the shade 'Seeing Fireworks' since it's my favourite from the four but what I'll come up with, we'll have to wait and see!

I really hope you liked today's post and I wish you all a fabulous day. Let me know in the comments if you would dare to wear such bold colours everyday, or keep them for unique occasions, like me!

#Flashmob Cosmetics Electric Kisses Lipstick £10 Available from website or Amazon

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