I don't think I've ever not painted my nails, from a small child into adulthood it has become my favourite things to do to make myself feel much more polished and pampered. Gel nail polish is something that has really taken over and revolutionised how nail polish lasts and can be worn and I absolutely love the finish that it gives. Nailed London is the latest brand that I've tried and its 3 step system gives the most perfect and long-lasting manicure that I constantly crave but without all the faff of having to book into a salon.

There are over 20 shades in the range to choose from and the base and top coat products are just fantastic at taking care of your nails and really sealing in the colour. Over the past few weeks I've been using the two gorgeous Autumnal shades that I was kindly sent for reviewing and I'm obsessed with the colours and the longevity is just enough for me to get four full days of wear, meaning I only need to do my nails twice a week and that makes me want to do the chandler bing dance. Yep, you know the one I'm talking about. 

Time is of the essence and although this is a 3 step system, it really doesn't take up too much of your time because of the seemingly quick drying formula. The first step is rather obviously your base coat, which has ingredients to form a layer over your nail bed to protect it from staining and help the colour stick. Step 2 is applying the nail colour and although they recommend just the one coat, one of the shades just isn't quite pigmented enough for my liking and so two gives the right amount of coverage and actually dries quite quickly. The final step is your top coat, which gives it this incredible glossy, high shine finish and really does seal in everything into place.

I've never been one to use a topcoat but this one is of excellent quality and I say that because I used it with one of my other nail varnishes and it kept the colour on for much longer that it normally would without it. The base coat has really helped my nails to stop peeling or becoming stained that awful yellow colour that can sometimes happen, especially if you wear darker colours often. When the nail polish does begin to fade it seemingly only chips at the very edges of the tip and so it doesn't look so obvious or messy, another bonus for perfectionists like myself. Chipped mani's are big no no in my books and it will drive me insane until I get time to remove the polish. 

The shades I have are 'Thigh High Club' which is this beautiful dark, deep red which almost looks brown and 'Noodle Nude' a taupe grey colour, which is actually darker than it looks in the glass bottle but I'm obsessed with.

 It's great only having to paint my nails twice a week and having them look constantly glossy and rich in colour. I've been getting a lot of compliments on both shades from the range and I didn't have to book into a salon to get that high quality finish that I love. I've honestly just bounced from one colour to the other and painted my nails with complete joy in knowing my manicure's going to last more than 24 hours each time. 

Overall, Nailed London are an exciting new brand, which I think a lot of people will love as much as I do and I completely recommend you give them a try. As I've mentioned over and over in this post, I think the quality is really good and the longevity is the best part. As for the cost, it definitely isn't as expensive as you might expect, though to start with, adding on the cost of the base and top coat definitely racks up the price but after that £7 isn't too much to ask, considering the prices of some of our other highstreet brands like Essie, Sally Hansen and Revlon. The colours cost just £7 each and the base and top coat are £8 and are available from both Feelunique and Harvey Nichols

Let me know if you would like to try Nailed London and what you think of the 3 step system idea because I know it'll be a bit too fiddly for some but if you take your nails as serious as your make-up then I think you'll love it! Also let me know which colour of the two you would wear the most! Feel free to ask me any questions and check out my previous post for more info on Nailed London hereI'm off to paint my nails with 'Thigh High Club' which is such a fabulous Autumnal colour, have a fabulous day! xx

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