I don't know about anyone else but I have spent half a fortune on finding my perfect cleanser over the years and I just got totally fed up with it. My skin is dry and sensitive and I really love a deep cleanse to remove my daily make-up and heal acne scars and promote the growth of healthy skin cells.

After years of learning about the quality of ingredients used in our high street beauty products and what exactly my skin is sensitive too, I decided to take things into my own hands and make my own little cleansing balm.

I have really developed a love for oils this year, though I have always loved using natural products and so it was the easiest option for me. If you don't like oils then you won't like this cleansing balm recipe because it contains quite a few and to be honest it's so simple, it's ridiculous and I can't quite believe I'm making a post about it but it's something that has calmed my facial eczema, healed spots and soothed my dry skin and it removes make-up like a dream. 


What you will need:


When you look at the ingredients list of any cleansing balm there is usually a base butter product, such as cocoa or Shea and this what gives it its lovely smooth texture, which really boosts hydration levels and depending on the quality of butter you use, healing properties, which is great for those with acne scarring. I chose Shea butter as my base butter because I like it the most and it works amazingly well for dry skin.


Having a base oil in the mix just means it's easier to mix together and my love for Almond oil is why it's in this 'recipe'. It's so lightweight and yet extremely nourishing and treats acne scars with great care. A base oil means you can build upon it with another oil for treating any specific problems you might have or wish to take care off and you can absolutely choose another base oil such as, Apricot or Coconut oil instead if you wish. Try to find the products that work for you and your skin will thank you for it.


My treatment oil of choice is actually a cheeky combination of Rose, Argan, Frankincense and Benzoin all in one little bottle. These multi-purpose oil products are great for making a cleansing balm and saves you money in the long run. I also recommend the Balm Balm Rosehip serum as another great alternative but again has a great combination of oils. My reason for choosing the Holos Anti-ageing oil is because it does a combination of things for my skin, it lightens pigmentation marks, smooths my skin and of course will keep my skin in good health as I get older, helping wrinkles and fine lines to appear less prominent or dry when I put on my make-up.


I don't have a fancy jar that I keep it in but I make it as I go, as and when I need it and then there's no waste. I take a small scoop of my Shea butter, add 2 full pipette's of Almond oil and half of my Holo's anti-ageing oil and mix it together in the palms of my hands. The heat helps melt it all together and then I can apply it straight over the top of my make-up. I do a double cleanse each time and that's all there is to it really. I personally prefer to use it with my Magnitone device but a regular Muslin cloth does the job nicely too. I do not however use my cleansing balm to remove my eye make-up but use the almond oil separately instead to remove my liner and mascara and I usually do that before I use my cleansing balm all over my face.

It' so easy and uncomplicated I love it and the benefits are far greater than any face wash I've tried before. Though I won't lie sometimes I just can't be bothered when I'm too tired and so out comes a regular face wash. But generally speaking I use my cleansing balm around 4 times a week because I don't wear make-up everyday and I've been using this recipe for about 2-3 months now without any problems. It's so good and I can't believe I didn't make it sooner because my skin loves it! It's such a simple recipe for a simple life and for those who don't have much time for anything but wants to take good care of their skin. 

One last tip before you go, try and pick cold pressed, organic oils and the best quality of Shea butter you can and all within your budget. Quality means so much and the benefits you reap are unbelievably better for your skin. Find brands you can trust and do lots of research in your spare time, source and find the oils that work for you because not everyone can use the same things. One thing this will definitely teach you about is what your skin can and cannot tolerate. I am constantly researching and finding better places to get my oils from and it really is worth it.

I really hope you all liked today's post and found it useful. I did have quite a few requests to make this post and I'm really glad that I did. Let me know what you think of cleansing balms and if you would try my homemade version. Have fabulous day everyone! x 


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