HELLO OCTOBER! Where has the time gone? Surely I'm not the only one who freaked out when they looked at their calendar and realised it was time to change the month? It's frightening but exciting because next month it's my Birthday and then just a few weeks later it's Christmas and it won't be long before I'm sharing festive posts with you all.

This month definitely hasn't been one of my exciting times where I've lots of exciting products or fashion pieces to share but there were definitely some stand out products that I just adored using and thought I would share them here with you today anyway because I like sharing and these posts are always fun to do.

I've been making my own cleansing balm for the past few weeks and yes, I've written a post all about it, which will be going up soon so you can find out more about it then. It's my new favourite thing to do and Shea butter has become a must-have product for me right now. I've been using it on eczema, my lips and obviously my face to remove my make-up and keep my dry skin soft and smooth. I absolutely love it and it stinks so bad but is absolutely worth stocking up on as it has so many amazing benefits and uses.

The cheapest and most amazing fake tan I've ever tried. It's available from so many different retailers and you can find it in almost every pharmacy you go to, it's that popular! I was introduced to this brand by a friend well over 6 years ago and I've loved it ever since. It's great for those on a tight budget, or who just appreciate getting great results from something so inexpensive. It never fails to give an even, streak free and gorgeous tan to my skin and it blends with complete ease. However, it's not great in terms of ingredients, as there are parabens within the tan, so I tend to just keep this as an every now and then product to use but each time I use it my mind is blown and the compliments I get when wearing it are always so nice. 

Organic should be my middle name because I am always trying to find more natural alternatives for this and that beauty item. Last month Yun Ya were kind enough to send me their entire collection of beautiful body washes and I completely fell in love with the 'Fire' element based wash. It contains a few of my most favourite fragrances, such as lemongrass and of course Jasmine, creating this refreshing yet relaxing shower each and every time I use it. I have a full post coming up this Thursday talking more in depth about the entire range but I've really loved using this first thing in the mornings or during late night showers after a stressful day to help me relax and remain focused on what I need to do. 

Greasy roots and frizzy dry ends are the usual for me and I'm always looking for new hair products to try. Truthfully the smell of this product was what got me using it more than anything else, though it does help to smooth the ends of my hair. It's absolutely incredible and you smell it in your hair the following day after washing it the night before. It's ridiculously cheap as well, depending on where you pick it up. I've also just learnt that this company also makes a leave in heat protection spray and I'm on the hunt for it because the scent is so beautiful and each time you take your hair out of a ponytail or bun, you get this gorgeous whiff of Moroccan Argan oil, too beaut! YUM! 


Bit of a random favourite but definitely something I really enjoyed doing.  A few weeks ago I made a decision to not paint my fingers or toenails and take a break from the world of nail polish, to my surprise I actually managed 6 full weeks before giving in and applying a nail strengthener, which I did just last night. Giving our nails a break from all those nail polish and acetone chemicals is essential to grow healthy nails and reduce the toxins in our bodies. My obsession with painted nails will never go away but my passion for good health will always come first and so I take a huge break every couple of months like this one and I always find I enjoy it. No chipped nails, no cotton pads, no fuss, just bare nails, what's not to like?

That's all for my top 5 favourites for the month of September and I'm wondering how you lot are all coping so far? Let me know what some of your favourites were or if you've tried anything mentioned above. Have a great October!

Laura x


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