Yun Ya is the latest organic beauty brand to land on my bathroom shelf and has proven itself to be a popular one with the rest of the family, as well as myself over the past few weeks.

Yun Ya, meaning 'being beautiful and graceful' (how awesome is that?) is an organic and natural brand of body washes designed and developed by Seung Yun Lee Oxley, someone quite passionate about bringing the east and western cultures together; a rather beautiful and powerful concept that I was only too glad to be part of and share with you today.

There are 5 gorgeous body washes to choose from, each based on the elements found on the lunar calendar horoscope, fire, earth, water, metal and wood. These elements are described delicately with the unique oils used in each of them and help to create a certain ambience, depending on your mood and the element you choose. You can find out which of the elements matches your date of birth right over on the Yun Ya website here, an option I found rather exciting and interesting and I think you will too!

If you are someone who appreciates natural beauty or wants to try dipping their toes into a paraben and chemical free world, then Yun Ya is certainly a brand to add to your shopping, or 'to try' list. At the base of each body wash is organic coconut and sunflower oil, which is then built of top of to show the characteristics of each element. Now let's talk through the specifics of each body wash and element, what they mean and the ingredients used to bring you a taste of the east during you early morning, post-gym, or late night showers.


Known as exuding honesty and reliability, the earth element body wash is a great one for those about to head out to work and need something to help start their day right. With ingredients such as Vertivert, Lavender and peppermint, you can feel relaxed and refreshed at the same and get ready for work with a more focused mind. It smells beautiful and I rather enjoyed using this one.


Wood represents compassion, patience and justice and contains Sandalwood, lime and Ravensara, which is something I've never actually heard of before. Truthfully as much as I love what it represents, I didn't particularly like this fragrance, though other family members did.


The metal element is described as exuding a sense of confidence and energy, having a drive for success and always attract people around them. Whilst I can't personally say I am any of those things the balance of Ylang, Rosemary and Jasmine is rather beautiful and quite refreshing.


Water represents the ability to adapt, be versatile and have the power to communicate well. Palmarosa oil enhances your mood, whilst lavender helps to relax and Bergamot freshens skin whilst keeping it soft and smooth.


My absolute favourite element and body wash from the entire range due to it's beautiful scent and gentle nourishment for my dry skin. Fire just happens to be my ruling element too, which I found hilarious because it was the one I took to most and fell in love with at first sniff. Fire is described as drawing on the passion for life, awakening inner strength and the social side in us and I can definitely agree that the element matches me. With a beautiful balance of Lemongrass, Jasmine (my favourite floral scent) and Neroli, I am sold on this body wash because it features ingredients that I really like and I love it when my house is just flooded with the scent after a shower, it's truly beautiful.

Each body wash is available in two different sizes, a travel size of 50ml at just £3.00 per bottle, or the full 100ml costing £15.00. I love the idea of being able to travel with the smaller version and having the larger for days at home and keeping my favourite element with me at all times no matter where I am.

Overall I am really impressed with the range and would happily treat myself to the larger size of the Fire body wash. They are more of a runny gel formula than an oil, so don't be afraid of testing them for yourself, they will not leave your skin greasy or you feeling uncomfortable throughout the day. You will however smell absolutely beautiful and I think you will totally appreciate the quality as well as the message behind the brand.

I really hope to see Yun Ya grow and perhaps develop bubble bath or matching body lotions to extend the range. I am so glad to have been sent the range to try and I really hope you enjoyed today's post. Let me know in the comments below which element you are and which body wash you would like to try most! Have a beautiful day! x

For More Information about Yun Ya please head over to the website here

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