There are several reasons why dry body brushing should be something you do on a regular basis and after 2 consistent years of trying it myself, I can vouch for its amazing benefits and share with you today the reason I haven't stopped since the day I started.

Whether you struggle with acne, dry skin, are a regular user of fake tan or are just looking some other way to improve your health and help to detoxify your system, dry body brushing is the way to go and it's something I'm very passionate about and love to do at least once a week.

Finding a dry body brush to use isn't too difficult as there are quite a few places you can find them nowadays, the body shop for one, NSPA ( a range found in Asda stores) and Mio available from feelunique online and all range from £3 up to £15, it just depends on the brand really but they all do the same thing.

When starting dry body brushing it's important to remember to be gentle and never add too much pressure, start off by doing it just once a week to allow your body to adjust to this new technique and lastly shower after each use to rinse away dead skin cells. It might be a bit of a shock to the system as it helps with draining your lymphatic system so it's really important to take time to gradually increase the amount of times you do it and for the length of time it takes.

The best way to dry body brush is before a shower to rinse away the dead skin cells and boost blood flow, believe me dry body brushing will get your heart rate going and your skin will feel sore at first but then as time goes on, more and more invigorating. The shower will help to relax you and also make you feel absolutely amazing afterwards, so refreshed and deeply exfoliated.

Always start from the soles of your feet and work your way up to your bottom in upward motions and then start on your arms and chest working light strokes towards your heart in downward motions. Be sure to brush your underarms too and in downward strokes at all times. This way you drain the body of toxins and are leading it towards the digestive system to deal with, which we then move on to lastly.

Start gently as your stomach will be a little sensitive and brush clockwise as if you're pushing the toxins through the system and out of the body. Your body will or should have a pink glow too it but that's perfectly normal, however if you're like a tomato after the first go don't worry you've ether gotten a little too excited, or your body is adjusting to this new detoxification process and the blood is flowing.


Aim to dry body brush at least once a week and no more than three times, we want to help ourselves not create more problems. Those with health issues should be careful, especially if taking medication, talk to your doctor beforehand to ensure it's safe to do so. Don't dry body brush whilst dealing with a particular illness such as the flu, rest and let your body recover before you start dry body brushing as it has quite a profound effect on your system. Women should avoid dry body brushing during menstruation as it can intense any cramping and increase bleeding. Trust me it's not fun. No-one told me this when I started and ended up in bed for a full day in agony.

Be sure to leave several days between sessions to avoid over detoxifying which can lead to several digestive disturbances, headaches and tiredness. Your body will tell you what it can cope with and everyone is different, so take your time and do what you feel is best for your body and health.


Dry body brushing is promoted mostly as the tool for treating cellulite and that's about it but really there are a lot more reasons to do it than just that. It's an amazing tool for exfoliating, detoxifying the lymphatic system as mentioned, boosting blood circulation and clearing pores meaning less acne breakouts, particularly on the body (bacne) Those that suffer with ingrown hairs can also benefit from a little body brushing every now and then.

It's something I include at least once a week into my beauty routine personally and I always see such a difference with my skin, its clearer, smoother and it feels healthier in general. It gets my blood flowing and I know that I'm detoxifying my body and organs of multiple chemicals that we encounter everyday from our more commonly used beauty products, such as toothpaste and deodorant.

No matter the season dry body brushing is always a good idea as it can help your body cope better and men can do it too, which is handy when you need your back brushed down. It's something extra to add to your health and fitness regime and is excellent to do post-gym, yoga workout or even a stressful day at work to help you relax and in the end feel much better physically and mentally.

It's an absolutely wonderful thing to do in my humble opinion and I tell everyone I know about it. I've gotten family into it though they don't quite understand why I like it so much and then they feel my skin afterwards, without moisturiser and I hear the Oo's and Ah's and then the dry body brushes are all over the place in the bathroom.

Let me know if you are a regular dry body brushing fanatic like me or if you would be willing to try it for just a month to see if it makes a difference for you! I really hope you found this post helpful and not too boring. Have a great day, I'm off to detoxify for the weekend! xx


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