Tell me it's paraben free, organic and affordable and I'm sold. I love to use more natural beauty and bodycare products and it's definitely not something I've been shy of talking about here on my blog. It just makes me feel better about the products I'm using on my body and what my skin is actually absorbing. We can't know for sure if a brand really uses organic ingredients but at least we're attempting to take better care of ourselves.

I know there are lots of others out there who feel the exact same way and I love to share my thoughts on lots of different natural beauty brands, so I thought I would share a review of this gorgeous Manuka honey range I've been using for the past week or so that I recently picked up from Holland & Barrett's.

Manuka honey comes from a bush native to New Zealand known as the Manuka bush, which the lovely little bumblebees are kind enough to pollinate for us, thus producing this wonderful honey with all of these amazing healing and antibacterial properties. 

It's anti-inflammatory, antibiotic. therapeutic and all of it is naturally in this honey, of course it depends on the grade quality and the active rating. Isn't nature wonderful?


Free from parabens, SLS, artificial colours, fragrances and harsh preservatives, this body wash is perfect for sensitive and drier skin types. It's cruelty free and suitable for vegetarians but not vegans for those interested. However, the scent of this body wash is just divine and will linger on your skin hours later. It's very hydrating for it coming in a gel consistency and it gives a rather decent lather, which feels quite luxurious. Considering the fact that my skin is so dry and fussy about which products I use on it, this body wash is absolutely lovely and leaves me feeling super soft and smelling lush.

I've really enjoyed the little break from using my Dove body wash and the Yun Ya, which I had been testing out over the past few weeks for a review. It's gorgeous and is lasting really well, considering I like to use half a bottle when showering, anyone else like that? I say the more suds the better the shower! O and shaving with it hasn't been a problem at all, you can still get a good close and clean shave. Don't be frightened by the title having the word honey in it either, you will not feel sticky and I don't recommend trying to eat it either, as yummy as it smells. Get It here! £5.49 250ml 


As if the scent of the body wash wasn't good enough, Dr Organic were kind enough to bring out a body lotion to accompany it. I've even seen the body butter and was extremely tempted but I wanted to see how my skin would react to these products first before spending more money. 

Enriched with Cocoa butter, Shea butter and Aloe Vera gel, amongst a host of other gorgeous ingredients the skin lotion feels absolutely divine on the skin and especially so after a shower as it just melts in and is easy to blend in. Not to mention the healing properties that will totally benefit those with body acne and need help to heal up the pigmentation and scars left behind. I haven't personally been using the range long enough to see a difference yet but will keep you all posted! 

Skin feels so soft, smells gorgeous and the complete joy I have in my heart knowing there's no nasties within the products, is very satisfying. Perhaps the scent isn't something everyone will love but
 if you like warm, honey/floral scents, then I'd say you'll love this range and I'd recommend picking up a bottle while it's on offer as I did. This body lotion is just divine and is definitely something I'd like to stock up on for the colder months. Get it here! £7.49 for 200ml

Overall, I've been really enjoying the body care from the Manuka range and probably because it's a little bit nostalgic for me as I used to use the shampoo and conditioner years ago when studying at college but I think it's a really good brand and it's been treating my eczema prone, dry skin quite kindly and I really need the extra help during the colder months. I haven't had eczema in a while but recently with the chilly weather I've had a bit of a flare up and even psoriasis patches have started trying to come through again on my shins, O the absolute joy! Manuka honey really can help with all of that and so I'm hoping with prolonged use it will completely disappear again, though it is stopping the itching so far.

I hope you all really enjoyed today's post, let me know if you've tried anything from the Dr Organic range and what you're favourites are. Have a fabulous day all! x 


  1. I have tried the Manuka Honey lotion and its absolutely awesome. I am looking forward to buy more as my bottle ends. Honey is best as facial rejuvenation treatment and that is what this product contains.


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