It's not often that I try a new foundation but lately I've decided to branch out a bit more and put to the test some brands that aren't often given time in the spotlight of the blogging world and today I want to share my thoughts on my latest test subject; Gosh X-ceptional wear foundation.

Cruelty-free and vegan, Gosh X-ceptional wear foundation promises to give long lasting results with a matte finish, not the typical foundation I would reach for considering my drier skin type but the colour and creamy texture totally sold itself to me on the spot after a single swatch. 

I purchased the shade 11 Porcelain which does run more of a pink rather than my usual yellow toned, which I don't particularly like as my face is already quite pink but my neck and chest are quite yellow, more warm toned. On the other hand once my concealer, blush and bronzer went on it wasn't as noticeable but looked like a decent pale foundation and I didn't have to try and blend it down my neck as I normally would. It's just hard to see things in true colour when in the store and it makes finding your exact shade a lot more difficult.

The texture is quite thick and creamy and is easily dispensed with a squeeze of the tube and on to the back of my hand, which I actually really like and is something I think I prefer to a pump. Their is no strong scent because it's perfume free and I know that fragrance can affect people with sensitive skin, as well as put off a lot of people buying make-up products simply for their overpowering scents but don't worry there's no streaming eyes or headaches happening here with this foundation.

It felt very lightweight on the skin and yet provided light-medium coverage with easy blendability. It didn't really feel like I had foundation on my skin and I could touch my face without risking patchy blusher or moving the actual product around itself. 

Everything looked like it was set for a positive review and I did enjoy using the foundation over the first few days but then I started noticing it clinging to drier patches and also separating on my forehead and cheeks causing this weird blotchiness. I could see my skin quite clearly and any redness would be on full display after just a few hours of wear and I was not happy. It's rather hard to describe because I had to show others to try and get them to describe it for me but it was like my foundation was peeling off in certain areas whilst others just looked a messy application of make-up.

Unfortunately this foundation just did not work well with my drier skin type but seemed to react as if I had oily skin and Revlon colorstay definitely does a much better job for comparisons.

It's a real shame because I would love to have made this a permanent product in my make-up bag but there's always plenty of others to try instead. Perhaps the brand new gosh foundation drops or mineral foundation would be better for me to try next! Let me know what you think and if you've tried anything from the gosh range that you would totally recommend me picking up next! I hope you liked today's post and I wish you all a fabulous day x 

Gosh X-ceptional Wear Foundation 35ml £7.99 Available from Superdrug


  1. Oh, thank God I didn't pick it, I had it in my hands a couple of days ago to try *I'm addicted to foundations* and I didn't get it because I don't like to squeeze the tubes! haha I don't think I will be trying this as I have dry skin too :(


    1. Lol Foundation is a tricky one when you have dry skin, isn't it? Glad I could help though! x


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