The most tedious chore in the entire world but is an absolute essential to keep bacteria at bay and your make-up application as smooth as possible...

Over the years I have tried plenty of different products and chemicals to clean them but have always found baby shampoo to be the cheapest and easiest method. However, for those waterproof products that just don't want to rinse away, a bottle of olive oil does the trick. Any brand from any place will do and just let them soak in it for a few minutes before giving them a good clean with Johnson's Baby shampoo. The results are squeaky clean, fluffy make-up brushes once their dry.

Speaking of drying I am totally guilty of just shoving them back in my make-up brush mug but I totally recommend laying them flat or hanging them upside down so that the glue in the ferrule doesn't break down and loosen the hairs. It definitely keeps your brushes in better shape and them lasting much longer but don't worry if you are too lazy like I can be, we've all been there and the brush pot always seems like a better option during a lazy weekend, or after an 8 hour shift at work, right?

I absolutely dread the effort that comes with cleaning brushes but it always feel so good afterwards and you're always so proud of yourself, like you've achieved something spectacular in life. You stare at them, take pictures of them and tell the world, knowing how much better you're make-up will look the following day.

Its a job I would love to hire someone to do for me and I do try to help clean others brushes just because I know what a mundane task it can be. I would hate to be a make-up artist though, imagine the length of time spent on cleaning their brushes, what an absolute nightmare that would be!

Anyway, let me know in the comments below how often you clean your brushes and sponges and what your favourite products are to use to keep them in great condition and bacteria free. If you're cleaning your brushes tonight, my thoughts are with you and I wish you a speedy session. Have a great one! x


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