I'm not the best at applying false lashes and I certainly don't wear them often enough to get better practise with them but I do love the way they look and how they can totally glam up any make-up look; even the most simplistic, minimalist of make-up styles can benefit from a set of false lashes.

Absolute New York Fabulashes are a cruelty-free amazing make-up and false lash company based in New York and they have so many amazing lashes to choose from and suit every style. I was so excited to see these dramatic lashes come in the post because although they aren't what I would normally choose for myself. I knew it would be fun for a blog post review and make-up look or two.

The cotton band makes application all the easier because it's so thin and flexible but I did have to trim the lashes quite a lot to fit my rounded eye shape. Both of these lashes are very dramatic and very long but blended with my own natural lashes really well and they sat in place without popping off again. I used the Eyelure clear lash glue but you can purchase the Absolute Fabulash glue to use with them instead.

They feel so soft and lightweight and are super affordable with them costing just £3.95 per set. The best part is that they are re-usable so you don't have to rid of them after one big night out, clean them off with a bit of make-up remover, let them air dry overnight and your good to go.


These lashes were my favourite of the two sets that I'd been sent as they reminded me on a longer version of the demi-wispies by Ardell after I had trimmed them to fit my eye size and shape. They were still pretty dramatic but you could still see my shimmering copper eye make-up and winged liner poking through. They felt so lightweight and comfortable and my lashes were hitting my eyebrows and I felt quite glam with these on. I would totally recommend these particular lashes and I could see myself sporting them on a date or perhaps my birthday in November, Imagine wearing these out to dinner! I love them! 


Just look at these lashes, they are absolutely gorgeously insane and I don't know who wouldn't want to wear these for fun. In fact, they are more than dramatic, they are absurd and yet I love them. I know I wouldn't wear them on a daily basis but creating this dramatic eye make-up look was a lot of fun. They were more difficult to place and they did keep popping up and I think it's because the band was much thicker than the other lashes. These would be perfect for a fancy dress party or an editorial make-up look if you're an MUA, you should definitely have a set of these in your kit! I absolutely loved these and wish I felt rather sad when it came to taking them off.

Overall, Absolute New York Fabulashes are amazing and are a lot of fun to work with. I know these are dramatic and a tad out there for everyday but when the occasion calls for it, I will be pulling these babies out of the make-up drawer and going for it. They feel so soft and fluffy and surprisingly enough they didn't feel heavy either. It's a giant thumbs up from me for these lashes and I will definitely be trying out some more natural looking lashes so I can wear them everyday if I wish too. I think an absolute added bonus to the Fabulashes, is that they are cruelty-free and who could be disappointed with that?

I really hope you enjoyed today's post as much as I had working on it and I would love to know what you think. If you had to choose between the two, which would you pick?

Pick some up now from BeautyCrowd for Just £3-95 a set Available here!

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