If you love cruelty- free, organic brands then Tropic should be on your next shopping list. With its incredibly high quality ingredients, which I can attest too and handmade products, Tropic skincare range has been on my 'to try' list for a very long time.

Over the past few weeks I have been lucky enough to test two of their fabulous products, which I was kindly sent for review and have rather enjoyed using them. There were a few cons to the products but the quality far exceeded most of them.

Superfood Hand Therapy 

As someone who suffers with dry skin and really likes to take care of her hands and nails, I totally appreciated having the Superfood hand therapy cream at my bedside table to use every night.

It's not your average hand cream product that leaves a film or dry silicone texture but actually sinks into skin and hydrates your cuticles and really helped to grow my nails in just a few short weeks.

In truth the cream is very greasy due to the natural oils and only a small amount is needed each time, which in return will last you a lot longer than you think. It has a lovely, slightly whipped texture that smells very fresh at first and then herbal. I absolutely loved the fragrance because it wasn't overpowering or offensive and was very relaxing to use just before bed. 

I would personally recommend using this only at night because of its ingredients and perhaps isn't something you would want to leave and use in the office at work during the day. On the other hand if you like something a little more hydrating during the daytime, then this might be the product for you.

I genuinely noticed a difference with the health of my cuticles and nail length after just one month's use and absolutely loved having something that wasn't loaded with harmful or damaging ingredients on my hands. It's very nourishing and the packaging is rather nifty with its 'push open' button. I particularly liked this idea because it lessened the risk of accident in the handbag when travelling. 

It's not perhaps the most budget friendly hand cream in the market but if you can spare a few extra pounds every few months, then I would say invest in this hand cream because it's quality is just outstanding and is far better for you than a lot of other brands from the high street.

Tamanu Healing Balm

I liked to think of this product as the more natural alternative to the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream and found I had better results too.

The only thing I wasn't truthfully so fond of with this product was the scent, as it was quite overpowering.  However, the quality was something I favoured and was great to use on insect bites, dry acne spots, chapped lips and eczema patches, as it really helped to soothe redness and irritation

I also really liked the travel packaging because I was able to pop it into my little travel emergency kit and take it with me everywhere. I found it had lots of fabulous uses for this product and its natural anti-bacterial ingredient, tea tree oil, meant that I could use this on cuts and scrapes as well.

It was fabulous to use throughout the summer but I feel that It will be used a lot more in winter with the harsh British weather we get, it will be an essential for dry skin of course but also chapped sore noses during a cold and hex on the back of knuckles during the snowy weather. There's just an endless list of uses and I really think it's worth the money.

If you can't afford or don't want to hand out the £32.00 for the 50ml jar, this 10ml travel size is a great option for you to try and will last you a very long time.

Aside from the scent and perhaps the price, there's absolutely nothing else to say negative about the Tamanu healing balm and I look forwards to putting it to the test during the colder months.

I would highly recommend these products but would also love to get my hands on some more of their amazing skincare line. I've heard so many positive and wonderful reviews and I have my eyes on the organic face elixir oil and the radiance clay mask, so keep an eye out for reviews on those products here on my blog in the future.

I really hope you liked today's post and found it useful, as always I wish you all a fabulous day!

*PR Sample

Superfood Hand Therapy £12.00 Available here & Tamanu Healing Balm 10ml £8.00 here


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