If you love to regularly self tan as I do, then this mitt is an absolute must-have tool for a smooth and flawless finish to your tan.

Whether a tan newbie or well experienced tan addict (me) it is a total essential to prevent streaks, tan your back by yourself, without shouting for your other half, or sibling in the middle of a session, like I do and to speed up your tanning routine so you don't have to spend more than 10-15 minutes blending your beloved tan into your skin.

With its double sided soft texture, you can achieve and even glow without any streaks or uneven patches and I absolutely love it. 

I have never swayed from using a tan mitt ever since I first tried fake tanning after having left school and I believe it's the only way to get a perfect tan each time. It never applies too much or too little and it covers so much surface area of your skin that it allows you to tan quickly, without ruining your chances of a natural looking tan. I detest streaks and this tan mitt totally prevents any.

It's very flexible and moves with your hands and feels comfortable to use on the skin. It doesn't allow any product to leak through and stain your palms and let's face it nobody wants tangerine hands.

At just a snip of £4-99 I think this is one my new favourite tan mitts that I can honestly say works and really does all the hard work for you - like most mitts but there's no need for my usual fluorescent, latex free gloves to be worn inside of a regular mitt because there's absolutely no leakage, or fear of staining my palms or fingernails. 

If you ask me, I say pick yourself up one next time you're purchasing a fresh tan mitt because I think you'll really like it and will totally see the benefits of having a double sided, stain preventing essential tanning tool and for such an affordable price. Well done sunkissed!

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Sunkissed Double Sided Application mitt £4-99 Available directly from Site 


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