I am a huge fan of gradual tan and have been for a long time, not only because you can control the amount of colour you get but they also give skin a slightly airbrushed finish and help to hide thread veins and any other discolouration, especially on the legs. 

Whether on a tight budget, wanting to save pennies or perhaps have a little splurge and treat yourself to something finer, today I'm going to talk you through my favourite gradual tans from the high street to the high end, covering those with more natural ingredients and also the regular, so that you can find the perfect shade and brand for you.



This is a product I have been more than loyal to throughout the years and is one I will always have in my beauty stash. It's so affordable costing no more than £5.00 at full price and can be found not only in Boots and Superdrug but also in your local pharmacies. I tend to use the 'light to medium' shade throughout colder months to perk up my skin ever so slightly so that I don't look so ghostly white and then switch to the 'Medium to dark' colour during the warmer months. Either way, both build a beautiful and natural looking tan and feel like a hydrating body mask that just smells of summer. I absolutely adore this product and it will forever be a firm favourite of mine, even with its stronger fake tan scent.


For those who prefer to really build a tan or who have a much lighter colouring, this is a fabulous gradual tan to use. Those with extremely fair skin will appreciate its gentle colour and those just back from holiday will enjoy its tan extending nourishment. You can prolong that holiday tan for much longer and keep your skin smooth and soft throughout the fading process. It has gorgeous ingredients such as coconut, rosehip and sweet Almond oil, all of which are totally organic, as is the DHA (tanning ingredient) itself, so you don't have to worry about what your skin is absorbing. Speaking of DHA, it does have a slight fake tan scent but out of all the ones I'm talking about today, this is the least offensive. For all my Eternity gradual 10 is a perfect option for more natural beauties who really love to take care of their skin. At £17-99 a bottle this is perhaps something just for the summer holiday's but will be one you will always want to have around when travelling.



If you like to build a tan quite quickly then the Garnier might just be for you. It gives pale skin a light-medium colour after just one application and lasts around 5-7 days, depending on your skin type and the products you use to maintain the colour. Its scent is quite the fruity, pungent, apricot but is one that I actually quite like. However, those with more sensitive skins and noses may not appreciate it as much. As with all fake tanning products it has that infamous fake tan scent, which comes through after a few hours but I think it's a small price to pay for a gorgeous, deep glowing tan. It feels very nourishing and leaves skin silky soft afterwards, I can't fault the colour or its price, at just £7-00 for a large 400ml bottle and I think it's definitely something worth trying, especially when it's on offer!


Formed with organic and Eco- certified oils your skin will adore the nourishment it gets from just one application of this tan. The colour is enough for me after just one layer and I don't feel the need to build upon it to get any darker, however, you can if you prefer an even deeper glow to your skin. We tend to throw the term 'glow' around a lot when it comes to tans but this product really does and it's all down to the beautiful ingredients within Tan Organics tanning oil. It's such an unusual, one of a kind product but is a luxurious one that I totally recommend for not only your body but also your face, the colour it gives is just stunning and I highly recommend you try it at least once. The fake tan scent is more pungent than any of the others and it is more on the pricey side at £24.99 but is totally worth the splurge for a gorgeously deep and glowing tan.

If you needed a new tan or some advice on what to place on your next shopping list then this post should have you covered. I really hope this helped and you enjoyed the read. Don't forget to let me know which tan you decide to get, find me on twitter and Instagram! Have a wonderful day! x 


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