If you're looking a pearl finish, moisturising lipstick, with gorgeous packaging and a pretty price tag of just £7.95 then today's post might just absolutely rock your world.

A few weeks ago I was gifted a huge box of beautiful make-up products from Mesauda Milano which you can see here. The make-up is truly high quality and the packaging is just too pretty and so today I just had to share more pictures and swatches of the lipsticks. 

The Diva pearly lipsticks are made with a hydrating formula and feel very comfortable and smooth on the lips. I was kindly sent four shades from this particular range and I adore them all for very different reasons. Some of the lipsticks are more pigmented than others and certain shades provide more of a tinted lip balm coverage rather than full. 


Angelina is a beautiful nude, shimmer shade which I just can't get enough off. It's absolutely stunning and goes with every make-up look I create; it's definitely one to pair with a Smokey eye, as well as a simple everyday slick of mascara. It feels luxurious and smooth and provides an almost metallic finish that I actually love. I might not have Angelina Jolie's lips but if I can have a lipstick that's just like her signature shade then I'll take it. This is such a pretty colour and is the one to choose if you're unsure as to what lipstick to wear, day or night.


 I adore this warm terracotta colour and think it the perfect Autumnal nude that's definitely more on the brown side. It makes teeth look whiter and has tiny particles of gold glitter throughout, which in truth doesn't really show up on the lips. This is a very pigmented shade which goes on smoothly and leaves a little bit of a stain behind when it wears off. It's very pretty but perhaps a bit too warm for my pale skin and I feel that olive skin tones and darker will love this shade.


 Sofia is a gorgeous rosy raspberry colour that I actually was surprised to like wearing. It's truthfully not a shade that I would want to wear all the time because I am a nude lip kind of gal but I like it nonetheless and would reach for it on more special occasions. It's bright and really pretty and gives a glossy finish to the lips. I think it really adds to your pout and definitely makes teeth look whiter and brighter.


Lastly is Grace, which is such an amazing bright and fun colour and absolutely screams summer to me. Imagine wearing big sunglasses, your hair in a top-knot and this colour on your lips, just stunning! It's almost two-toned with its slight violet blue undertone and I think it's my favourite bright lipstick that I own. It looks amazing with winged liner and leaves a stain on the lips as it wears off. However, it also has a tinted lip balm feel and finish which isn't necessarily a bad thing, it means comfort and soft lips for sure. I absolutely love this shade and would totally recommend this as one to get before summer ends. 

Overall the quality of these lipsticks has that slightly higher end of spectrum of the high-street vibe and I've been reaching for these when I want comfort and on days in which I don't have to worry about longevity or touching up.

I actually really like these lipsticks and prefer them to the Rimmel Moisture renew, you know the ones that come in the purple packaging? Mostly because there's no weird taste or scent during or after wear but also because they are actually cruelty free! I can't stand lipsticks that have a taste to them and I'm trying to get my make-up all cruelty free over time and Mesauda basically tick all the boxes for me when it comes to a moisturising lipstick so you can be sure that I will definitely be picking up a few more shades in the weeks to come. 

I highly recommend them and I really hope you enjoyed today's post! Let me know which shade is your favourite and what you prefer formula wise when it comes to lipsticks! Have a great day beauties! x

*PR Sample

Mesauda Milano Pearly Lipstick £7.95 Each  Available from Site or BeautyCrowd 


  1. Omg these lipsticks are gorgeous I can't pick a favourite!

    1. Haha, it's not an easy task is it! I'm the same everyday I do my make-up, just wait til you see the top model matte lipstick swatches next! :O


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